Where to find socca in Nice?

Where to find socca in Nice?

Where to Find the Best Socca In Nice

  1. Chez Pipo. Rosa Jackson, who’s been leading culinary tours of Nice for years, and lives in the old part of the city herself, asked me where I wanted to go when we met.
  2. The guy at the outdoor market in Vence.
  3. Chez Thérésa.

What is socca in Nice?

Socca is a savory, peppery pancake made with chickpea flour. Served piping hot at several establishments along the winding, narrow streets of Old Nice, France, it goes great with a cold beer or a glass of rosé wine. Socca is a savory, peppery pancake made with chickpea flour.

How do you eat socca?

Socca bread is best eaten hot or warm and it freezes well once wrapped properly, just defrost fully before reheating. Any leftover socca can be cut into triangles or fingers and deep fried to make the addictive Provençal snack, panisses.

Which dish is famous in Nice?

Socca. This griddled chickpea flour and olive oil pancake, is by far the most popular and iconic dish of Nice.

Where can you get socca in the UK?

The city of Nice in particular is known for its socca where it is regarded as the city’s original street food. You’ll find it at food markets prepared in huge shallow frying pans, cut into wedges and served sprinkled with pepper. And invariably every stall will have a line of eager customers.

What kind of ingredients are used to make socca?

If desired, top with optional ingredients. What is socca? Similar to a crepe, socca is a traditional French street food. It’s made from simple ingredients—primarily chickpea flour—and is often served with olive oil, salt and seasonings.

What kind of chickpea is used in socca?

Capturing the heart and soul of the Côte d’Azur is Socca, the famous rustic chickpea flatbread that’s embraced as Nice’s original street food. This Socca recipe will transport you back to Provencal France from your very own kitchen!

What kind of flatbread is socca from France?

Socca Socca is a traditional flatbread from Nice, France. It’s a common street food, cooked on a grill and served in a paper cone, usually chopped and sprinkled with salt, pepper or other delicious toppings. Bonus: It’s gluten free.

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