Do barley straw balls work?

Do barley straw balls work?

In general, research and anecdotal evidence suggest that barley straw is effective in controlling planktic algae, and will clarify water that is green from algae. Using barley straw in ponds is not known to cause harm to people or to any higher plants or animals.

How do you use barley straw balls?

Simple to use they effectively remove algae from the water. Add 100 ml of barley straw balls including the liquid(approx 1/3rd of the pot) for every 100 gallons (450 litres) of pond water. Use 3 times a season, more if the problem is severe. Barley straw balls are safe for pondlife, wildlife and pets.

How long does barley straw take to clear water?

This process can take anywhere from 3 weeks, to over 3 months, depending on water temperature and pond conditions. Barley straw extract, on the other hand, comes in a highly concentrated liquid form and has been optimized for quicker turnaround.

Can you put too much barley straw in my pond?

The most common application is about two to three bales per surface acre of pond (or about 10 to 25 grams of straw per square meter of pond area). However, overdosing the pond with barley straw may cause fish kills because the straw deoxygenates the water as it decays.

How long does it take for barley bales to clear pond water?

After 6-8 weeks, The Pond Guy Barley Straw bale will begin releasing safe oxygenators to clear pond water for up to 6 months! Barley Straw bales for ponds are most effective in shallow water with sunlight and good water circulation.

Where can I buy barley straw for my pond?

Contacting someone who works with the farm community—such as the county Cooperative Extension office—may be helpful to locate retailers where barley straw bales can be purchased locally. There are also a variety of barley straw products available for use in smaller ponds, including miniature bales, pellets, and liquid extracts.

How long does barley straw last in water?

If the straw is applied to warmer water (above 70°F), it may become effective in as little as one to two weeks. In any case, barley straw remains effective for approximately six months after application.

What can you do with barley straw bales?

Save up to $100♢ on your qualifying purchase. Curbside pickup available. Keep your pond clean and clear with natural barley straw bales. When used correctly, these all-natural bales help control unwanted algae blooms in your pond. Excellent for preventive maintenance prior to algae bloom conditions and in the winter months.

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