How much does an opal ring cost?

How much does an opal ring cost?

This is a very broad answer. An opal ring crafted in 925 Sterling Silver could start as low as $10 and go up to $500. A white gold opal ring or an opal ring in rose gold starts at about $200 and goes up to $2000. Very fine opal rings, with 18 karat gold and a gem quality opal would be from $2500 up to $25,000.

Can opal rings be sized?

There are actually two ways to resize your opal ring to make it larger which include: Adding Some More Metal into the Band – An expert jeweler will usually add extra metal in order to enlarge the band. They might also need to cut the shank of the ring then add bridge to make up for a larger size.

How can I tell if my opal is real?

Most genuine solid opals have an irregularity in this area – curved or bumpy due to their natural formation – whereas a man-made stone will be perfectly flat because the two sections are flattened so they can be glued together. Be especially wary if the opal is set in jewellery and you cannot see its back or side.

Are Opals easy to chip?

DON’T wear your opal ring when doing work that’s hard on your hands. Opals look lovely with diamonds (see our Linear Opal Ring) but they are more delicate than hard diamonds and sapphires. They can easily chip. Depending on wear, an opal or other gemstone may be chipped, scratched, or scuffed relatively easily.

Why do opals crack?

The only major things that can damage your opal are impact, extreme fluctuations in heat (e.g. placing your opal over a flame) or extremely low humidy for long periods. Extreme variations in heat cause the opal to expand and contract, causing cracks or crazing.

Can you shower with opal jewelry?

Never clean your opal with water or get your opal wet. The opal will expand and crack. Fact: Solid opals cannot be damaged by getting wet. Most Australian precious opals contain around 5-6% water, and immersing a solid opal in water will do no damage whatsoever.

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