How long does it take to climb the South Sister?

How long does it take to climb the South Sister?

South Sister climbs can take between 10 – 12 hours round trip, depending on your schedule. Most climbers want to be done in a day and that means leaving in the early morning and returning in the late afternoon. Typically climbers leave the trailhead between 6am and 7am.

Do you need crampons for South Sister?

If you do the route from the South, it’s just a hike, although a steep one. Don’t need crampons, ice axe, rope, snowshoes.

What mountains can you see from South Sister?

Middle and North Sisters appear close enough to touch from the summit of South Sister. Looking north from here you can also see Mount Washington, Mount Jefferson and Mount Hood.

Is South Sister an active volcano?

South Sister rises 10,358 feet. Scientists consider it an active volcano and say it last erupted 2,000 years ago. The heart of the bulge is about three miles west of South Sister and actually closer to a lesser-known peak, The Husband, whose summit is 7,524 feet. The bulge isn’t evident to people on the ground.

Can you summit South Sister?

About the Hike: Oregon’s third-tallest mountain has a path to its top. Admittedly, the trail up 10,358-foot South Sister is exceedingly steep, long and rugged, but no technical climbing skills are required and the rewards are great. From the summit – a broad, snowy crater with a small lake – you can see half the state.

Which is the best climb on South Sister?

South Sister Climber Trail #36, starting from Devils Lake Campground, is the most popular climbing route on the south side of South Sister. The roughly 5,000′ of elevation gain is fairly consistent over 6 miles of mixed rock, gravel, and snow. It can be done as a day trip or extended out over the course of 1-2 nights.

When is South Sister climber trail in Deschutes?

Dogs need to be on-leash in Three Sisters Wilderness on: Green Lakes, Moraine Lakes, South Sister, Soda Creek, Todd Lake and Crater Ditch Trails, from July 15 to September 15. This trail climbs steeply over rugged terrain and loose cinders to the summit of South Sister.

Where are special restrictions for South Sister climber trail?

Maps of areas where special restrictions apply: Dog leash restrictions , Camp Chambers , Green Lakes , Matthieu and Golden Lakes , Moraine Lakes , Sisters Mirror Lakes area. A valid Recreation Pass is required at Devils Lake-South Sister trailhead in addition to a Central Cascades Wilderness permit. Please avoid parking along the highway.

How to hike South Sister Mountain in Oregon?

Hike South Sister 1 It’s a non-technical but very demanding climb of the state’s third-tallest peak. 2 About the Hike: Oregon’s third-tallest mountain has a path to its top. 3 Difficulty: The extremely difficult trail to the summit of South Sister gains a staggering 4,900 feet of elevation in 5.5 miles.

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