Can I wear an ill fitting retainer?

Can I wear an ill fitting retainer?

Wearing a noticeably ill-fitting retainer can cause damage to the surface of the teeth, so be sure and contact us about being fitted for a new one if you can no longer wear yours comfortably.

Can ill fitting retainers damage teeth?

Wearing a retainer that doesn’t fit correctly is not only annoying and unhelpful, but it can also potentially damage the teeth and nearby tissues because it is placing too much pressure on them.

Is it OK to put your retainer after long time?

In most cases, wearing an old retainer can realign your smile so long as your teeth have not shifted into an entirely new position. As a rule of thumb, wearing an old retainer should not be an issue so long as it still fits without needing to apply any force while inserting it over your teeth.

Is it okay not to wear retainer after braces?

If you neglect to wear your retainer, your teeth may move back into their original position. This is what may happen if you do not wear your retainer after treatment with braces. Your teeth will begin to move back into their initial place as soon as your braces are removed.

What happens if I force my retainers on?

Your teeth may have already started to shift back towards their original positions, and if you try to force your retainer in, you could hurt yourself. Your retainer should fit easily, so if you have to force it back on your teeth, it likely isn’t a good fit anymore.

Is it bad to wear your retainer if it hurts?

Do retainers hurt? At first, it may feel a bit uncomfortable to wear a retainer because your mouth simply isn’t used to it. After a few days, however, any pressure and discomfort should subside and you should forget that you’re even wearing your retainer.

Will my teeth fall out if I force my retainer?

How long does a retainer hurt for?

It’s natural for your retainer to hurt for at least the first day after being fitted, as your mouth adjusts to the novel sensation. Discomfort typically only lasts for four to five days – a week at most. If your retainer is causing you discomfort beyond this, it’s best to book a consult with your orthodontist.

Are retainers really necessary after braces?

A: Yes, wearing a retainer after braces is necessary. Retention is an important part of your overall orthodontic treatment plan. Depending on the diagnosis and treatment plan done for your individual case, your orthodontist will determine the best method for retention of the final result. Tooth movement is part of our overall aging process.

Why are retainers important after braces?

A retainer helps to keep the teeth aligned and ensure the best lasting results for the appearance of your smile. It is especially important to wear your retainer as often as possible for the first 3 to 6 months after having braces removed, but it will likely require long-term use to prevent regression.

Why do you need to wear retainer after braces?

You might need a retainer for a few reasons. The most common reason is to help your teeth stay set in their new positions after wearing braces. It’s important to wear your retainer because as your body grows, your teeth do some shifting.

Does anyone actually wear retainer after braces?

A retainer is an orthodontic appliance that is worn after braces, and other orthodontic appliances come off. It is custom-made out of plastic and metal for each patient, and it fits on the top of the teeth and mouth. Any patient who has undergone orthodontic treatment needs to wear a retainer.

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