What is JpaVendorAdapter?

What is JpaVendorAdapter?

public interface JpaVendorAdapter. SPI interface that allows to plug in vendor-specific behavior into Spring’s EntityManagerFactory creators. Serves as single configuration point for all vendor-specific properties.

What is the use of Hibernatejpavendoradapter?

Return a Map of vendor-specific JPA properties, typically based on settings in this JpaVendorAdapter instance. Return a Map of vendor-specific JPA properties for the given persistence unit, typically based on settings in this JpaVendorAdapter instance. Return the vendor-specific persistence provider.

What is LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean?

LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean. is the most powerful JPA setup option, allowing for flexible local configuration within the application. It supports links to an existing JDBC DataSource, supports both local and global transactions. REF: spring-framework-reference.pdf “Spring 3”

What is the use of JpaTransactionManager?

Class JpaTransactionManager. PlatformTransactionManager implementation for a single JPA EntityManagerFactory . Binds a JPA EntityManager from the specified factory to the thread, potentially allowing for one thread-bound EntityManager per factory.

What is Entity Manager factory?

EntityManagerFactory class is a factory for EntityManager s. EntityManager : The javax. persistence. EntityManager is the primary JPA interface used by applications. Each EntityManager manages a set of persistent objects, and has APIs to insert new objects and delete existing ones.

What is Hibernate Dialect in Java?

Dialect in Hibernate – Dialect is a class and a bridge between Java JDBC types and SQL types, which contains mapping between java language data type and database datatype. Dialect allows Hibernate to generate SQL optimized for a particular relational database.

What is the use of LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean?

The LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean gives full control over EntityManagerFactory configuration and is appropriate for environments where fine-grained customization is required. The LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean will create a PersistenceUnitInfo based on the persistence.

Why do we use LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean?

Spring ORM – Using LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean for setting up JPA EntityManagerFactory Programmatically. Furthermore, it allows for pluggable class instrumentation through Spring’s LoadTimeWeaver abstraction, instead of being tied to a special VM agent specified on JVM startup.

What is @transactional for?

The transactional annotation itself defines the scope of a single database transaction. The persistence context is just a synchronizer object that tracks the state of a limited set of Java objects and makes sure that changes on those objects are eventually persisted back into the database.

What is the purpose of @transactional annotation?

The @Transactional annotation makes use of the attributes rollbackFor or rollbackForClassName to rollback the transactions, and the attributes noRollbackFor or noRollbackForClassName to avoid rollback on listed exceptions. The default rollback behavior in the declarative approach will rollback on runtime exceptions.

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