Where can I find carob trees?

Where can I find carob trees?

Although cultivated extensively, carob can still be found growing wild in eastern Mediterranean regions, and has become naturalized in the west. The tree is typical in the southern Portuguese region of the Algarve, where the tree is called alfarrobeira, and the fruit alfarroba.

Can you grow carob trees in Australia?

The carob tree is best suited to temperate and semiarid regions of Australia, similar to the Mediterranean region, but it can also grow well in subtropical areas. The tree flowers in autumn, and the pods develop through winter, spring and summer, and ripen for harvest in late summer.

Are carob trees fast growing?

Carob trees are very slow-growing, taking 6–7 years to bear fruit and approximately 10 years to produce a commercial harvest. They can also bear light and heavy crops in alternate years, making yield and income more variable from year to year, compared with other agricultural enterprises.

How long does it take for a carob tree to bear fruit?

6 – 7 years
It can take 6 – 7 years for a tree to begin to bear. The fruit is a dark brown flattened pod, 13 – 30 cm in length and about 2.5 cm wide, containing a sweet, chocolate tasting pulp and several bean-like seeds. The sugar content of the pods can be as high as 50%.

Where can I buy a carob bean tree?

Carob Trees are available for sale from the following wholesale growers. Specializing in exotic fruit trees: Abiu, Barbados Cherry, Black Sapote, Candlenut, Carob, Coffee, Jackfruit, Lychee, Macadamia, Mango, Persimmon, Strawberry Tree, Tamarind and many more.

How long does it take for carob tree to produce fruit?

Trees may take up to 7 years to produce fruit. Can be eaten fresh or dried and ground for a cocoa substitute. Also used as animal fodder for cattle, goats, donkeys, and sheep. Hardy and drought tolerant, Carobs will grow in most well drained soil including rocky or gravelly sites.

Is the carob fruit tree a good animal food?

Carob seedling :Is good animal food. Carob grafted :Is very sweet Humanimal choco food. | R O L F – Bankstown, N S W 19-Mar-2006 MALE CAROB : To ‘ Safet ‘ from Brisbane – Most carob seedlings are male?And they are the cheapest,at about $10.

What kind of flowers do carob trees produce?

Long lived, evergreen tree that has a broad dense canopy. Leaves are large, shiny and leathery. New growth is tinged bronze. Pale greenish-purple flowers are produced in summer with male and female flowers borne on separate trees – recommended to plant at least 5 trees to ensure a mix of sexes for production of pods.

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