What band did Neil Giraldo play in?

What band did Neil Giraldo play in?

Pat Benatar band
On October 15, 2019 Neil Giraldo was nominated for the 2020 induction in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His nomination came for his co-creating the Pat Benatar band, where Giraldo was lead guitarist, songwriter and record producer for 40 years.

Is Neil Giraldo a good guitar player?

Neil Giraldo has a peculiar way of pronouncing the word guitar. Although Giraldo has performed with a variety of artists, including Rick Derringer, Jon Waite and Beth Hart, music fans know him best as the spitfire guitarist – and all-around musical partner – for his rock superstar wife, singer Pat Benatar.

What kind of guitar did Neil Giraldo play?

When he wants a bit more flash, Giraldo grabs his custom GMP Roxy, which—like his other touring guitars—also features custom Duncans and a Bigsby. Two Gibson ES-135s are also on hand as backups. For acoustics, Giraldo switches between an Alvarez DY-88 12-string and an Alvarez DY88BKN 6-string.

Where is Neil Giraldo from?

Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Neil Giraldo/Place of birth
Neil Giraldo was born in 1955 in Cleveland, Ohio. Eternally immersed in the Sicilian culture of their ancestry, parents Anthony and Angela bought Neil his first guitar at the age of six, in the hope that he and big sister Priscilla might serenade the family with songs from the old country.

Who played the guitar solo on Jessie’s Girl?

Neil Giraldo
But her longtime husband and musical partner/producer/co-writer has one of his own. Well, nearly his own. When you listen to Rick Springfield’s 1980 chart-topper Jesse’s Girl, that’s Neil Giraldo handling the incendiary guitar solo.

Is Pat Benatar from Richmond VA?

He had been drafted into the Army shortly after they said “I do.” The New York City couple moved to Richmond, where Dennis was stationed at nearby Fort Lee. Benatar worked as a teller at a bank on Broad Street and studied voice at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Who is Pat Benatar’s husband?

Neil Giraldom. 1982
Dennis T. Benatarm. 1972–1979
Pat Benatar/Husband

Who wrote the song I Need a Lover?

John Mellencamp
I Need a Lover/Lyricists

Who wrote Jessie’s Girl?

Rick Springfield
Jessie’s Girl/Lyricists
Grammy award-winning songwriter Rick Springfield reflected on his career and the 40th anniversary of ‘Working Class Dog’ album, which earned him his first Grammy but also produced his biggest career hit.

Who is the lead singer of Neil Giraldo?

Rick Newman and renowned producer Mike Chapman recommended that the guitarist join up with an up-and-coming singer, Pat Benatar. Giraldo’s fiery guitar playing complemented Benatar’s vocals perfectly, as the new group quickly gelled.

How old was Neil Giraldo when he started playing guitar?

Giraldo notes his first live performances as playing Italian songs after church for family and friends, alongside his sister Priscilla, who played the accordion. He later started playing in local bands at the age of 14, venturing into nightclubs with his uncle, who sang while Giraldo played the guitar.

Who are some famous artists that Neil Giraldo has worked with?

He has also performed, written and produced for artists including Rick Derringer, John Waite, Rick Springfield, Kenny Loggins, Steve Forbert, The Del-Lords, Scott Kempner, and Beth Hart. Giraldo’s diverse work has sold over 45 million records and his contributions have produced five Grammy Awards and an additional four Grammy nominations.

Where did Neil Giraldo live most of his life?

Early life. Giraldo was born on December 29, 1955 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, to Sicilian parents, Anthony and Angela Giraldo.

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