What does the slang term 420 friendly mean?

What does the slang term 420 friendly mean?

What does 4/20 friendly mean? This is quite often seen on websites advertising for housemates, tennants or possibly dating apps. It simply means that the person or place is accepting of people who smoke weed and probably do themselves.

Why do stoners celebrate 710?

710, or 7/10, is considered a “stoner” holiday for consuming cannabis oil products, dabs, or concentrates. The term 710 rotated upside down spells OIL, a word used to describe highly potent cannabis products such as hash oil, shatter, wax, and so on. 710 has grown into the second-largest weed holiday after 4/20.

What does it mean when someone says 420 friendly?

This is even more true if the cannabis friendly place is legal. When someone says “420-Friendly”, it means that an event, party, get together or just a person describing themselves, are letting you know that if you want to bring your “cannabis”, then you are welcome to.

What does ” 420 / 710 friendly ” mean in cannabis?

420 friendly is a reference to being acceptable of Cannabis use. 710 friendly is a term used when someone is acceptable of hash oil use, mainly because 710 looks like “oil” up side down. Cynthia Ord, Colorado native. Inveterate traveler. Cannabis tourism The term 710 comes from the old oil caps on cars. If flipped upside down, OIL becomes 710.

What does 420 mean in the English Dictionary?

It has nothing to do with a police code for cannabis. This term was also added to the Oxford English Dictionary, used to describe the “act of smoking marijuana.” Although the 420 phenomenon truly infiltrated mainstream culture within the last decade, the earliest known usage of the phrase can be traced back several decades.

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