Is Bloom farms a good brand?

Is Bloom farms a good brand?

You can look up many of the locations across California or nearest you on their site. In short, Bloom Farms is an excellent cannabis company with a philosophy focused on quality, giving back, and customer service.

How long does a bloom farms cartridge last?

How does the Bloom battery work? Our sleek Bloom battery is crafted and designed to burn our oils at the perfect temperature(below 3.7v), so no button is required. Breath-activated and simple to use, just take a light draw from the cartridge tip for instant relief. Each charge should last up to 8 hours of vaping!

How do you charge a bloom farms highlighter?

HIGHLIGHTER® Vapor Battery is rechargeable up to 300 times with a battery capacity of 350mAH and operates at a range of ~3.3V-4.2V. It quickly recharges in about an hour with the included USB charger.

Is Bloom Farm Organic?

Certified organic, socially conscious relief. Bloom Farms did not enter the CBD market lightly.

What do you need for Bloom Farms highlighter?

Their starter kit – The Bloom Farms Highlighter – consists of a vape battery pen, a 500 mg cartridge pre-filled with cannabis oil, a USB charger, and a lifetime guarantee. The kit comes beautifully packaged and is available in indica, sativa, and hybrid.

Where does Bloom Farms highlighter oil come from?

The oil is formulated for 45-50% THC which falls in the middle range when compared to other cartridges on the market. The original flower used to produce the oil is locally sourced in California and is either grown by Bloom Farms themselves or is sourced from an organic farm.

What kind of vape products does Bloom Farms make?

Bloom Farms vape products are simple and elegant and we had the opportunity to try out two of their beautifully made products: the Bloom Farms Highlighter in indica and their Single Origin Mango Kush cannabis oil cartridge.

Are there refill cartridges for Bloom Farms starter kit?

Refill cartridges for the starter kit are available in indica, sativa and hybrid. Bloom Farms Single Origin Reserve cartridges are the newest addition to their line of products – for the true cannabis connoisseur, these cartridges are strain specific and also specify in which area of California they are grown.

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