Can You Make Ready Brek with formula milk?

Can You Make Ready Brek with formula milk?

I made ready brek with some of her formula milk. She took a few spoons and then didn’t want the rest. That’s fine and we’ll try again tomorrow.

Can Ready Brek be made with water?

Ready Brek can be either in the microwave or on the hob. You can add water or milk (including non-cow’s milk types such as coconut, almond, soya etc).

How do I make my Ready Brek thicker?

Simply boil 150ml of milk and add to your bowl of Ready brek, stir and serve.; Microwave – From Ambient….Instructions

  1. Measure 5 heaped dessert spoons (30g) of Ready brek into a microwaveable bowl.
  2. Mix with 150ml of milk and stir.
  3. Microwave for 1 1/2 minutes, stirring halfway through.*

Is Ready Brek or porridge better?

Ready Brek, which is made by Weetabix, is streets ahead of any sugary cereal but is not seen as being quite as good as other porridge. Regular porridge oats, such as those from Flahavan’s or Odlums, take longer for the body to digest. This means they release energy more slowly so you don’t feel hungry so soon.

How much milk do you add to Ready Brek?


  1. Mix 30g (5 dessert spoons) of Ready Brek with 150ml of milk or water.
  2. Microwave or boil on the hob for 90 seconds, stirring half way through**
  3. Leave to stand for 1 minute, then enjoy!

How do I make Weetabix for my baby?

If Weetabix is one of the first solids you’re going to try them on, it might be best to begin by covering the biscuit with warm (make sure the milk is not too warm) cows milk and mashing it up into a porridge-like consistency.

What’s the best way to Make Ready Brek?

Well heat the milk up the same way in the microwave then add the ready brek afterwards…. that’s what I used to do. You don’t need to cook it… it says to cook in the microwave cos you make it cold then heat it up in the microwave so it’s not cooking but heating if that makes sense.

Is it OK to Feed my Baby Ready Brek?

However, baby porridge – including Ready Brek – is a great early food for your baby, too. Ready Brek is fortified with iron, calcium and vitamins, and has no added salt. That means it’s just as good as baby rice for feeding your little one – and usually much cheaper, too!

What can I give my 6 month old Ready Brek?

Ds’s like with cinnamon. Just use regular porridge. You can use a coffee grinder or a blender to make it small so it’s not lumpy. Make it with milk or formula as you wish. We did this, and it was easy and cheap. I agree with others – just use ordinary porridge oats. No need to grind them down at all really.

When to give Ready Brek over baby porridge?

Hi ladies, my lo is 6 month on the 19th he currently had baby porridge for breakfast but I’ve heard you can give ready brek when they get to 6 month. Is this true and would anyone recomend it over baby porridge?

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