How long to wait for CPNE?

How long to wait for CPNE?

approximately 16 months
After you complete your nursing courses, they make you wait approximately 16 months to take a clinical exam ( CPNE). This exam after you take it 3 times has a pass rate of 63%.

How do I pass the Cpne?

Pass the CPNE the First Time

  1. “Do a mock – prepare yourself to deal with randomness and not lose your mind”
  2. “Do not over think your care plans, keep it simple and specific, pick the easiest, most obvious diagnosis, a very specific assessment, and very simple interventions”

What is the CPNE?

The CPNE is a required 8-credit criterion-referenced performance exam administered over two and a half days in an acute care hospital. You must pass this capstone exam to graduate from your associate nursing program at Excelsior College.

How to apply for CPNE?

You can apply for your CPNE test date once you’re eligible. You’ll need to have a healthcare provider complete the CPNE Health Status Report (provided in the CPNE portal) to include with your CPNE application. Your application and supporting documents will be reviewed within 7-10 business days.

When to get a date for the CPNE?

Waiting almost one full year after completion of the nursing courses just to get a date for the CPNE is inexcusable for an accredited nursing program. That is a whole year wasted and by that time us students run the risk of losing the nursing information already learned during the program.

What’s the pass rate on the CPNE exam?

According to the lawsuit, Willis was never told that the CPNE exam has a pass rate of less than 50 percent. She took the test in Queens in 2018 and failed. She currently carries loans of $29,512 related to her Excelsior classes and tests. “I haven’t been given a test date,” said another plaintiff, Heidi LaMeyer, an LPN in Minnesota.

Can a CPNE test be cancelled due to weather?

The CPNE is rarely cancelled due to inclement weather. Add additional travel time to accommodate bad weather conditions, especially if traveling during winter months. Students are not permitted to enter nursing units until the PCS portion of the CPNE.

Where can I find a CPNE testing location?

Choose more than one testing location in your application to minimize your wait time. Certain testing sites will require you to provide additional credentials, documentation, and/or agree to drug screening before your exam date. For more information, contact the CPNE Performance Assessment Center (CPAC) at 1-800-533-2776 or [email protected].

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