How do you get the dead drops in Infamous?

How do you get the dead drops in Infamous?

If you’re interested in finding them on your own, you can do that as well. Click L3. If any Dead Drops are in your vicinity, a gray circle will appear around your HUD that will eventually condense into an eighth of a circle (or so) that will direct you in the general vicinity of the Dead Drop in question.

How did Infamous2 end?

Ending. In the good ending, Cole sides with humanity. Cole and Nix work to charge the RFI, while Laroche and most of his followers sacrifice themselves to hold back the Beast. Nix eventually sacrifices herself as well, injuring the Beast and leaving Cole with just enough time to finish the process.

Where is the second dead drop in Infamous?

2. This dead drop is found at the location shown on the map, near a billboard. The Dead Drop itself is located on the satellite dish inconspicuously placed atop a small raised concrete area, as seen in the screen.

How strong is Cole MacGrath?

Very powerful but takes time to charge. Can use other powers while charging. Gigawatt Blades: By producing electrical energy on his hands close to a gigawatt level (1 billion watts) and then preserving the form with magnetism, Cole can unleash a devastating attack that can fry most human enemies.

How many blast shards are in infamous second son?

Blast shards, also known as Rayacite or simply shards, are highly charged pieces of earth irradiated by ray field radiation. There are over 859 known Blast Shards; 350 were found in Empire City, 305 were found in New Marais, and 204 were deployed in Seattle.

Where are the hidden cameras in infamous second son?

Hidden Cameras are represented by a camera on your map. Press up to start the mission and use your mobile phone to decipher where the camera is located. Shoot it to destroy it….Market District.

Camera Feed Camera Location
infamous-1231.jpg infamous-1234.jpg
Under some grating by a sign reading “Port Alley”

How hard is infamous second son to platinum?

‘ To earn the platinum trophy in Infamous, the player will need to play the game all the way through at least twice, putting in around 20 hours of work. Though this sounds like a lot, for the community of veteran trophy-hunters on PSN Profiles this counts as “incredibly easy and quick” compared to other titles.

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