What services does Fastenal offer?

What services does Fastenal offer?

Fastenal is your one-stop source for HVAC, plumbing, lighting and cleaning products. We offer on-site/on-call service, contract pricing on contract categories, flexible purchasing options and value-added services.

Can you ship through Fastenal?

Fastenal will ship uncrated items with no insurance. Shipping charges may be paid by the shipper or receiver. All crated shipments will be inspected at the time of shipping.

What does the company Fastenal do?

Description. Fastenal Company, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the wholesale distribution of industrial and construction supplies in the United States, Canada, Mexico, North America, and internationally. It offers fasteners, and related industrial and construction supplies under the Fastenal name.

How does shipping through Fastenal work?

Delivery Information Express items will be delivered Same Day, Next Day, or 2-Day depending on your delivery selection at checkout and item availability. For Fastenal same day delivery, items shipping same day must exceed $50.

Is Fastenal or Grainger better?

Grainger is the larger of the two by sales volume and market capitalization and generates over $1 billion in cash flow. It also trades above $300 per share, which alone makes it harder mentally for some to get involved. Fastenal has better margins, higher returns on assets, equity and invested capital.

Does Fastenal sell retail?

Fastenal has retail stores in every U.S. state, every province of Canada, 14 Mexican states, and Puerto Rico, and Panama.

What does Fastenal sell?

Fastenal Company. U.S.A. Fastenal Company sells nuts, bolts, screws, and other fasteners and related supplies (the company’s original product line) ; power tools; cutting tools; hydraulics and pneumatics products; material handling products; janitorial supplies; electrical supplies; welding supplies; and safety supplies.

What is the abbreviation for Fastenal Company?

FAST stands for Fastenal Company (also Final Approach Spacing Tool and 786 more)

What does Fastenal mean?

Fastenal (FAST), unsurprisingly, is a distributor of fasteners. This is literally a nuts-and-bolts company. It also provides screws, pins, sockets, rivets, and the like. In addition to fasteners, it also sells a large variety of other supplies, including: tools, tape, electrical items, janitorial items, plumbing, lubricants,…

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