What is the synonym of future?

What is the synonym of future?

by-and-by, futurity, hereafter, offing, tomorrow.

What is the synonym and antonym of future?

future. Synonyms: forthcoming, coming, advenient. Antonyms: gone, bygone, past.

What is another word for near future?

What is another word for in the near future?

impending imminent
forthcoming approaching
coming upcoming
pending looming
future nearing

What word rhymes with future?

Word Rhyme rating Meter
suture 100 [/x]
moocher 100 [/x]
futur 100 [/x]
computer 92 [x/x]

What is a synonym for bright future?

bright future ahead > synonyms »radiant future exp. »great future exp. »golden future exp. »better future exp.

What’s another word for future planning?

noun foresight
Use the noun foresight to describe successful planning for the future.

What does near future mean in English?

Very soon, within a short time. For example, We’ll be needing a new car in the near future. This term employs near in the sense of “close at hand,” a usage dating from about 1300. Also see at hand, def. 2.

What is distant future?

distant future n (time which will eventually come)

What words describe the future?

Words to Describe future. As you’ve probably noticed, adjectives for ” future ” are listed above. According to the algorithm that drives this website, the top 5 adjectives for “future” are: clear and even dazzling, irresistible, disastrous, foreseeable, past and probable, and independent genetic.

What is another word for “in the future”?

Synonyms for in future include hence, after this, henceforward, hereafter, hereinafter, subsequently, from now on, in the future, from this day forth and from this day forward. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com!

What is the meaning of the word future?

Definition of ‘future’. future. The future is the period of time that will come after the present, or the things that will happen then. The spokesman said no decision on the proposal was likely in the immediate future.

What’s another word for future?

Another word for future. Noun. future, futurity, hereafter, time to come – the time yet to come. future – bulk commodities bought or sold at an agreed price for delivery at a specified future date. future, future tense – a verb tense that expresses actions or states in the future.

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