Is there free parking in Limerick City for Christmas?

Is there free parking in Limerick City for Christmas?

Download the Limerick e-parking app, or pay by phone or disc. On-street car parking is free after 5.30pm daily and is free on Saturdays and Sundays. In Abbeyfeale, Kilmallock and Newcastle West, shoppers will get an extra two hours free parking in each of the towns from 2.30pm daily from 12 to 24 Dec inclusive.

Is there free parking in Limerick city?

Free on-street parking on Sundays – on street parking is always free in Limerick City Centre on Sundays. Overnight deals in off street car parks – overnight parking is also more affordable with many off street car parks offering a special rate of €5 per night, perfect for Christmas concerts and parties.

Is there free parking in Limerick on Saturdays?

Limerick City and County Council has announced that on-street parking in the city centre will be FREE on Saturdays throughout the months of July and August. Parking will also be FREE on Saturdays in Abbeyfeale and Kilmallock. Newcastle West has always had FREE parking on Saturdays.

How does Limerick E-parking work?

The Limerick e-Parking service offers a variety of easy ways to pay for parking including a free parking app for smart phone users. Customers who do not use smartphones can pay for their parking by calling a local number listed on the parking signs 061-303093.

How much is parking at Limerick Colbert?

Colbert Train Station (Limerick)

Tariff Duration Weekday Parking Code
1 day €3.50 801
2 days €7.00 802
3 days €10.50 803
4 days €14.00 804

How much does it cost to park in Limerick?

Limerick is one of the cheapest in the country when it comes to parking. Parking is available from 50c for 30 minutes or €1 an hour. Although with prices this low and maximum parking limits you are not always guaranteed spaces will be available.

Is parking free at DART stations?

Free parking will be available at all DART rail stations and bus park & ride facilities without regard to residence of the motorists using the lots. Overnight or long-term parking is at the discretion of the customer. DART assumes no responsibility for vehicles left overnight.

Can you park at Limerick train station?

Car Parking for passenger use has been kept near to the station for 97 spaces with an additional 236 car spaces 200m further to the rear of the site, a total of 333 car spaces.

Where can I park in Limerick city?

  • Arthurs Quay Car Park. Tags. See More. Parking.
  • Aviary Car Park. Tags. See More. Parking.
  • Barringtons Car Park. Tags. See More. Parking.
  • City Centre Car Park. Tags. See More. Parking.
  • Cleeves. Tags. See More. Parking.
  • Colbert Station Car Park. Tags. See More.
  • Cornmarket Square Car Park. Tags. See More.
  • Ellen Street Car Park. Tags. See More.

Do traffic wardens work Saturdays?

These shifts vary between 8am and 9.15pm on a Monday to Saturday basis and then voluntary overtime hours on Sundays from 9am till 6pm. For Civil Enforcement Officers there are two different shift patterns: Early Shift – 8am until 5.45pm, Late Shift – 11:30am until 9.15pm.

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