Is Mu Sigma a MNC?

Is Mu Sigma a MNC?

Mu Sigma is an Indian decision sciences firm that primarily offers data analytics services….Mu Sigma.

Type Indian Privately Owned
Industry Management consulting
Founded (2004)
Founder Dhiraj Rajaram
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois

How much does Mu Sigma for freshers?

₹8,02,959 – ₹8,53,693.

How do you get placed in Mu Sigma?

Academic Criteria:

  1. A candidate should be an engineering graduate from any recognized University.
  2. A candidate must have a minimum of 60% marks in graduation.
  3. No backlogs at the time of appearing for Mu Sigma selection process. Check the blog to know more on Mu Sigma Recruitment Eligibility Criteria.

Who is the founder of Mu Sigma?

Dhiraj Rajaram
Mu Sigma/Founders

Is Mu Sigma Unicorn?

The company provides solutions to over 125 Fortune 500 companies. Mu Sigma is also known to have a culture which is responsive to change. In 2016, Fortune named Mu Sigma to the “Unicorn” category – a technology startup valued at more than US$1B.

Where does Mu Sigma do their problem solving?

Bangalore, India, is where 3500 Decision Scientists do problem solving/data science for some of the largest corporations in the world. Mu Sigma, today, is a leader in the Decision Sciences space.

Where are the locations of Mu Sigma company?

Locations include New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Chicago, Bentonville, San Francisco and Seattle. Analytics and data-driven decision making have the potential to drive distinct competitive advantage for companies. But those same firms are challenged to scale their use of analytics and make analytics integral to all business decisions.

Is there Columbus program at Mu Sigma University?

Hence at Mu Sigma we nurture and train you to be this new breed of employees program through Mu Sigma University. Till date Mu Sigma University has trained and developed over 350 Junior associates at our dedicated facility in Bangalore, India. This is where Columbus Program comes into play.

Who is the founder of Mu Sigma Decision Sciences?

The Columbus Program has begun! Watch what a typical day in the life of a Columbus trainee at Mu Sigma would look like. For all those of you who have a wandering mind, here is a message from our Founder, Dhiraj Rajaram. Click to know more. with the data deluge? We do. The most important supply chains are now virtual.

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