Was there an earthquake at the Red Sea on January 6th?

Was there an earthquake at the Red Sea on January 6th?

Felt a quake? Report it! On 6 Jan 2021, Egypt had 1 quake of magnitude 2.1….Latest earthquakes in Egypt (past month)

Date and time 6 Jan 2021 04:24:46 GMT
Mag Depth 1.4 10 km
Nearest volcano (distance) 325 km (202 mi)
Location 43 km northwest of Marsa Alam, Red Sea, Egypt
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Has there been earthquakes in Egypt?

In Egypt there are partly large earthquakes with strengths of more than 7.0, which cause damages within a radius of over 100 kilometers. Measured against the size of the country, earthquakes occur very rarely. Since 1950 more than 580 people have been killed by direct consequences of earthquakes.

Was there an earthquake at the Red Sea?

A 5.4-magnitude earthquake struck Tuesday in the middle of the Red Sea, some 245 kilometers (150 miles) south of the resort town Eilat. Shaking was felt as far north as the Sinai Peninsula. No damage or injuries were reported in Israel.

When did an earthquake hit the Red Sea?

The 1969 Sharm El Sheikh earthquake occurred on March 31 off the southern Sinai peninsula in northeastern Egypt. The epicenter was located near Shadwan island, southwest of the city of Sharm El Sheikh, at the confluence of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Suez.

Does the Horn of Africa have earthquakes?

The Horn of Africa has significant seismic hazard associated with the East African rift system. A number of destructive earthquakes, some deadly, have been reported this century.

When was the Red Sea earthquake?

3rd, November 2017
A small-sized earthquake of Mw 4.0 struck the Arabian Shield on 3rd, November 2017, 24 km from the eastern coastline of the Red Sea. The earthquake occurred in the Asir terrane, which is one of the intra-oceanic island-arc-terranes and forms the south-western part of the Arabian shield.

Does the Red Sea have volcanoes?

These islands are the only surface evidence of active volcanism along the entire Red Sea, together with the Jebel at Tair Island and the Hanish-Zukur islands (120 km to the southeast; Fig.

How often have there been earthquakes in Egypt?

Egypt has had: (M1.5 or greater) 0 earthquakes in the past 24 hours. 0 earthquakes in the past 7 days. 0 earthquakes in the past 30 days. 4 earthquakes in the past 365 days.

Where was the earthquake in Egypt in 1992?

The earthquake was felt throughout most of northern Egypt, in Alexandria, Port Said and as far south as Asyut, and in southern Israel. The calculated focal mechanism suggests that this event originated on a WNW-ESE or W-E trending normal fault with a small strike-slip component.

How many people died in the Cairo earthquake?

Liquefaction was reported from areas near the epicenter. The high number of deaths and injuries (545 and 6,512 respectively) was partly due to the amount of panic caused by the earthquake in Cairo itself. Damage was reported to have affected 212 out of a total of 560 historic monuments in the Cairo area.

Where was the epicenter of the earthquake in Jerusalem?

south east Jerusalem (106.6 km N from epicenter) / MMI IV (Light shaking): i was sitting on my sofa in the living room facing east, suddenly i felt myself moving forward and backward. i knew that it was not a truck, rather an earthquake as i have experienced them before in Jerusalem.

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