What is a patellar tilt?

What is a patellar tilt?

Patellar tilt can also be assessed using the patellofemoral angle (PFA). PFA is the angle between a line drawn along the bony lateral patellar facet and another line along the anterior aspect of the femoral condyles. It is measured at the mid-point of the patella on the axial slices [48].

How is patellar tilt measured?

How is patellar tilt treated?

Most patellar tracking problems can be treated effectively without surgery. Nonsurgical treatment may include rest, regular stretching and strengthening exercises, taping or bracing the knee, using ice, and short-term use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Does patellar dislocation show up on MRI?

MR imaging can be used to diagnose prior patellar dislocation on the basis of typical injury patterns. In general, deformity or edema of the inferomedial patella and the lateral condyle, in conjunction with MPFL disruption and patellar lateralization, is diagnostic for recent patellar dislocation (5–11,18).

How is the tilt of the patella measured?

Fig. 1. The MRI tilt angle is subtended by the plane of the posterior femoral condyles and a line drawn connecting the medial and lateral borders of the patella. The angle is assessed on the first cut that images the medial and lateral borders of the patella as well as the posterior femoral condyles.

What should the tilt be on an MRI?

Patients with tilt on the physical examination can be expected to have an MRI Tilt Angle that is 10 degrees or greater, while an MRI tilt angle of less than 10 degrees is strongly associated with an absence of clinical tilt.

How is patellar instability measured in a MRI?

The measurements are used to quantify patellar instability. Superimpose axial images of: Draw a line along the posterior femoral condyles, and then draw the following lines perpendicular to this line: The distance has been shown to be slightly less when measured on MRI than CT 1. 1. Hinckel BB, Gobbi RG, Filho EN et-al.

How is patellar translation measured in axial images?

Patellar translation can be measured using the tibial-tuberosity to trochlear groove distance (TT-TG distance) by calculating the transverse length between the trochlear groove on the femoral and tibial tuberosity on axial images. The measurements are used to quantify patellar instability. Superimpose axial images of:

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