Is Bandcamp a trustworthy site?

Is Bandcamp a trustworthy site?

Firstly, BandCamp (more than other similar platforms or streaming services) do genuinely seem to have artists at the centre of what they do. Their quality is fantastic, especially the Bandcamp loudness. The platform is especially helpful for independent artists without financial backing or support with music promotion.

What does Bandcamp pay artists?

Bandcamp’s payment program is simple: the company takes 10 percent of merch sales and 15 percent of downloads. After a seller reaches a $5,000 profit, then the Bandcamp cut drops to 10 percent of digital profit.

How much should you pay on Bandcamp?

For EP-length albums (six tracks or fewer), $4 USD is the sweet spot. But again, there are exceptions, and if you’re an established artist who has seen recent success charging $18 for your digital albums, go for it.

Is Bandcamp legit Reddit?

It is a very legit way of supporting your favorite artists and you are awesome for wanting to do so! My group has been in there since 2012. Bandcamp gives artists a bigger percentage than any other distributor.

When did Fairchild Republic go out of business?

(Nov. 20, 1981) Credit: Newsday File Photo A historical footnote: It was a quarter-century ago this month — March 13, 1987, to be exact — that Fairchild-Republic Co. in Farmingdale closed its doors, 63 years after inventor Sherman Fairchild opened the company for business.

When did Fairchild Aircraft change its name to Republic?

In 1965, the company acquired the Republic Aviation Company . Following the death of its founder, Fairchild changed its name to Fairchild Industries in 1971, before purchasing Swearingen and manufacturing the Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner, a successful commuter aircraft which gained orders from the US military as the C-26 Metroliner.

When was Fairchild Republic used in the Persian Gulf War?

Fairchild-Republic workers assemble Air Force A-10 Warthogs in 1981. The planes were later used in the Persian Gulf War in 1991. (Nov. 20, 1981) Credit: Newsday File Photo

When did the Fairchild F-27 Friendship come out?

In 1956, the company acquired rights to the Fokker Friendship, producing 206 of the aircraft as the Fairchild F-27 and Fairchild Hiller FH-227. During the 1950s, Fairchild was a large subcontractor to Boeing for B-52 fuselage sections and wing panels.

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