What does dem mean in Jamaican?

What does dem mean in Jamaican?

DEH There
DEM Them
DIS This
DARTA Daughter or Rasta sister

What does dem mean in Caribbean?

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for St. Lucia, Grenada and Belize.

What does Pickney Dem mean?

The Patois dialect of Jamaica, the word has been shortened to the form or pickney, which is used to describe a child regardless of racial origin, while in the English-based national creole language of Suriname, Sranang Tongo, pequeno has been borrowed as pikin for ‘small’ and ‘child’.

What does dem mean in Creole?

Haitian Creole vocabulary

Standard English Jamaican Patois
My friends Mi fren dem

What does deh yah mean?

“Mi deh yah „ English Translation: I am here. Definition Slang expression usually used in response to a greeting expression like “How are you doing” or “What’s going on”.

What does PON mean in Jamaican?

PON is a word in Jamaican English (Patois) that carries an intrusive P on the English word ON. WEH YUH DEH PON means ‘What are you doing? ‘ Literally translated as: What are you on (to do)? 1 Share.

What is a Gyal?

GYAL is a slang term of West Indian origin, which means “Girl.” It is often used to refer to a girlfriend.

What dialect do Haitians speak?

Haitian Creole
Haiti/Official languages
Haitian Creole, a French-based vernacular language that developed in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. It developed primarily on the sugarcane plantations of Haiti from contacts between French colonists and African slaves.

What does Zeb mean in Creole?

English Translation. grass. More meanings for zèb. grass noun.

Do you know how to speak Jamaican Patois?

Do you know how to Speak Jamaican Patois? These 80 Jamaican patois sentences cover most of what you will need to get by on your visit to Jamaica or in conversations with your Jamaican friends. “A fe mi cyar.”

Is there a way to say hello in Jamaican?

With this patois translator/patwa translator you will be able to learn Jamaican phrases by translating phrase such as how are you or hello and in due time you will be able to create your own jamaica pharses. By using this tool for sometime you will be able to speak like a jamaican.

What is the meaning of the Jamaican phrase I am here?

Impress locals with this handy phrase which is often used in response to Wah Gwaan. The secret is in the pronunciation and the trick is to say it fast – almost as one word. While the literal translation is ‘I am here’, the implied meaning is ‘everything is ok’, or ‘I’m doing well’.

What does mi mash up Mi Fone mean in Jamaica?

This phrase means damage or destroy. For example, Mi mash up mi fone means ‘I’ve broken my phone’. This is a popular expression and even road-signs will advise drivers to mash up yuh brakes. Meaning slow down. Religion peppers all aspects of Jamaican life and wishing people a good day is often done by using the expression bless up.

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