What is revenue Code 0126?

What is revenue Code 0126?

0126 in section: 012X – Room & Board – Semi-private Two Beds (Medical or General)

Does revenue Code 360 require HCPCS?

Revenue code 360, by contrast, usually does require a HCPCS code (on an outpatient claim) since that identifies the primary surgery that often defines the payment for the entire claim.

What is Procedure Code 361?

If the patient is seen in a hospital-based clinic setting, use revenue code 510. Finally, if the patient was seen in a minor surgical room, use revenue code 361. An example of this is a patient who presents for a blood pressure check or suture removal.

What is the revenue code for minor surgery?

Operating Room Services

Revenue Code Description
361 Minor surgery
362 Organ transplant – other than kidney
367 Kidney transplant
369 Other OR services

What is CPT code H0005?

Substance Abuse Therapeutic Procedures

HCPCS Code Description
H0005 Alcohol and/or drug services; group counseling by a clinician [quantity of 1.0 = 60 minutes]
H0022 Alcohol and/or drug intervention service (planned facilitation) [quantity of 1.0 = per person in group per 60 minutes]

What is the fourth digit in the revenue Code?

A four-digit code; the first digit is a leading zero, the second digit identifies the type of facility where services were rendered, the third digit classifies the type of care being billed, and the fourth digit, a “frequency” code, indicates the sequence of the bill within a given episode of care.

What are the inpatient Revenue Codes for July 2011?

Section 3 Revenue Codes – Inpatient July 2011 SECTION 3 REVENUE CODES – INPATIENT COVERED REVENUE CODES – INPATIENT SERVICES A. ACCOMMODATIONS Code Description Abbreviation 010X All Inclusive Rate 0101 All-Inclusive Room and Board ALL INCL R&B 011X Room and Board – Private (Medical or General)

What are the subcategories of Revenue Code 270?

Within most revenue code categories there are subcategories that better define what’s going on or what was being used. For instance, revenue code 270 is the general code for supplies. But within that category are nine subcategories: 271 – Nonsterile Supply

What are the Revenue Codes for anesthesiologists?

1 0960 – General 2 0961 – Psychiatric 3 0962 – Ophthalmology 4 0963 – Anesthesiologist (MD) 5 0964 – Anesthesiologist (CRNA) 6 0969 – Other

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