What is zoning and masking?

What is zoning and masking?

LUN masking takes place at either the host bus adapter (HBA) or storage controller, and restricts the hosts’ ability to access specific LUNs. LUN zoning generally takes place on storage-area network (SAN) switches and compartmentalises the SAN fabric, grouping hosts and storage arrays into zones.

What are different types of zoning in SAN?

There are two distinct methods of zoning that can be applied to a SAN: World Wide Name zoning and port zoning. WWN zoning groups a number of WWNs in a zone and allows them to communicate with each other. The switch port that each device is connected to is irrelevant when WWN zoning is configured.

What is masking in SAN?

LUN Masking is a level of security that makes a LUN available to only selected hosts and unavailable to all others. This kind of security is done on the SAN level and is based on the host HBA, i.e. you can give access of specific LUN on the SAN to specific host with specific HBA.

How do you zoning a SAN switch?

Steps Of Zoning in Brocade SAN Switch

  1. Check Connectivity of HBA Port To Fabric.
  2. Create FC Alias Name For HBA Port WWPN and Storage Array Port WWPN.
  3. Create a ZONE and add alias members.
  4. Add the zone to active configuration zone.
  5. Save the active configuration zone.
  6. Enable active configuration zone.

What is the difference between LUN Masking and LUN mapping?

The LUN Masking setup will determine which WWN (host bus adapter) will be able to access a virtual disk or sets of virtual disks (VDISKS). LUN mapping setup allows total ease of Host LUN configuration of VDISKS. Using this feature the customer can easily configure a VDISK to a particular Host visible LUN number.

How do you do LUN Masking?

What commands do i need to achieve Lun masking? Run command esxcli storage core device list to list all the lun’s that are currently mapped to Esxi host. In my lab all my lun’s are coming from openfiler, so lun name start with t10 and that’s why I grepped for this keyword.

What is the difference between LUN masking and LUN mapping?

How do you do LUN masking?

What’s the difference between zoning and masking in San?

Zoning and masking terms are often confused by those who just started working with SAN. But it takes 5 minutes googling to understand that the main difference is that zoning is configured on a SAN switch on a port basis (or WWN) and masking is a storage feature with LUN granularity. All modern hardware supports zoning and masking.

Can you use zoning and LUN Masking at the same time?

It is possible to use zoning and LUN masking at the same time but it’s not a requirement. Neither one of these are used with NAS storage and zoning is only used with fibre channel storage. LUN masking can be used with iSCSI storage and fibre channel storage.

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