How can I check my BSNL Fiber bill online?

How can I check my BSNL Fiber bill online?

How to Check BSNL broadband data usage at Portal

  1. Login to your BSNL Portal (BSNL Selfcare Account) with your user id and password which already available.
  2. My Usage.
  3. Broadband Usage.

How can I check my Bharat Fibre usage?

How To Check BSNL Bharat Fibre And AirFibre Data Usage

  1. Check the broadband usage via the speed top-up link (without login).
  2. Check the broadband usage via the company’s SelfCare portal (with login).
  3. Check the BSNL internet usage via the app.

How can I check my BSNL broadband daily usage?

How to check BSNL usage data in My BSNL App

  1. Unlock your mobile screen.
  2. Search for My BSNL App which you already have on your mobile phone or in Tab.
  3. Open the application and find the Usage option to check data usage in iPhone or in Android phone.
  4. Click on Usage.
  5. Select Broadband to know the usage.

How can I find my BSNL broadband user id?

All you need to do is pick your phone up and dial 180003451500. That’s BSNL customer care number for Landline and Broadband related issues. Call them and tell your Landline number and ask for your broadband Username. They will check your profile on CRM system and will let you know your user id within few minutes.

How can I pay my BSNL Fibre bill online?

  1. Download the App from Google Play Store. BSNL EPay application available to download in Android Play Store only.
  2. Click Register / Quick Pay.
  3. Enter Name, FTTH Number, Mobile No, Email ID.
  4. Submit FTTH Number.
  5. Click on FTTH number.
  6. Select the Payment Mode and complete the bill payment.
  7. Check the transaction receipt.

What is FTTH bill in BSNL?

Fiber to the home or FTTH is the technology of bringing high-speed internet services using fiber optic straight away from the operator’s switching equipment to a home. BSNL Bharat Fiber will deliver high speed internet service at home using optic fiber replacing the existing cable infrastructure.

How to know my BSNL Internet Broadband Plan?

Check Your BSNL Broadband Plan Subscription in Online or Offline. Login to BSNL self care portal account with your credentials. Click on Account Number shown against Broadband. Click on My facilities Available under My Services at left side tab. Press Click here for details in right side page. Click

How to check the BSNL Broadband balance?

Type “BAL”

  • Send it to 121
  • and other new services
  • How to check BSNL remaining data?

    To check BSNL Net DATA plan Balance & usage in DATA CARD / USB Dongle Insert you BSNL SIM card in the dongle Go To Settings or tools > USSD Code and Dial the respected code for your circle

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