When did James Franklin coach at Vanderbilt?

When did James Franklin coach at Vanderbilt?

James Franklin was the Vanderbilt Commodores football coach from the 2011 season through the 2013 season.

Is Coach Franklin Black?

Born outside of Philadelphia to a white mother and black father, Franklin was a product of those two different Americas. When his father (who met Franklin’s mother while stationed at an Air Force base in Manchester, England) became an absent participant in Franklin’s life, the contrast was only stronger.

Where did James Franklin coach before Vanderbilt?

Penn State Nittany Lions footballHead coach, since 2014
Vanderbilt Commodores footballHead coach, 2011–2013Roskilde KingsOffensive coordinator, 1996–1996
James Franklin/Teams coached

What is Franklin’s record at Penn State?

James Franklin

Year School Record
2018 Penn State 9-4
2019 Penn State 11-2
2020 Penn State 4-5
Career Record: 84-43

What nationality is James Franklin Penn State coach?

James Franklin/Nationality

How long is James Franklin contract?

Penn State coach James Franklin signed a new six-year contract in 2020.

Is James Franklin separated from his wife?

After spending most of 2020 apart, Penn State coach James Franklin and his family have reunited again in State College. Sort of. Franklin is living in an apartment above the garage of their home, continuing to separate (though not nearly as far) from his wife and two daughters because of COVID-19.

How long has James Franklin been a football coach?

Franklin has 26 years of coaching experience at the collegiate and NFL level. In his first 10 years as a head coach, Franklin mentored 82 players who have gone on to the NFL ranks.

Who was the football coach at Vanderbilt University?

Franklin served as the head football coach at Vanderbilt University from 2011 to 2013. Franklin was born in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, on February 2, 1972, to James Oliver and Jocelyn “Josie” Franklin.

How many wins did James Franklin have at Vanderbilt?

Additionally, Vanderbilt’s 25 combined wins in Franklin’s three years in charge was the Commodores’ highest total in school history. Franklin finished his Vanderbilt career with a record of 24–15 (an average of 8 wins per year).

What’s the record of James Franklin at Penn State?

Franklin’s career head coaching record is 84-43 and is one of only six current FBS coaches to lead his team to a bowl game in each of his first nine seasons as a head coach.

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