Where did the word Moggie come from?

Where did the word Moggie come from?

It seems to be from Maggie, the affectionate short form of Margaret. In the eighteenth century, this was applied as a name for a cow or calf. In the nineteenth century it could refer to an untidily dressed woman or slattern. It was only in the twentieth century that it became a pet name for a cat.

What does Moggie mean?

(mɒgi ) also moggie. Word forms: plural moggies. countable noun. A moggy is a cat.

What does moggy mean in British slang?

moggy in British English (ˈmɒɡɪ ) or moggie. nounWord forms: plural moggies. British a slang name for cat1 (sense 1).

Why do English people call cats Moggies?

Origin of moggy Original sense, early 19th century, is a term of affection for a calf or cow, which may have been transfered to cats under urbanization. Later 19th century meaning of “untidy woman, slattern” .

What do they call cats in UK?

In England, they say “chh-chh-chh”. In Israel, they say “ps-ps-ps”. As for India, they say “meow-meow”. Each country gets a cat’s attention with different noises, and these were just a couple examples!

What is Cats slang for?

Cats means “cool cats”. The slang term “Cats” can be used to identify a group of people, whether they’re cool or not. The terms “Cat” or “Cats” has been used by The Notorious B.I.G, Eminem, Jay-Z, J.

Is Moggy a British word?

Frequency: Moggy is an English term for a mixed breed cat. (chiefly UK, slang) A domestic non-pedigree (mongrel) cat.

What does muggy mean UK?

‘, in LIL (Love Island Lexicon) muggy refers to someone taking you for a fool, basically they’re being muggy. If a guy says he’s with you when he’s really cracking on to someone else, you’re being mugged off and no one wants to be mug!

What’s the name for a mongrel cat?

Moggie cat breed information and advice A moggie (also known as a domestic shorthair) is a non-pedigree cat of mixed or unknown ancestry. They’re the feline equivalent of a mongrel dog.

What are cats called in the UK?

British Shorthair
The British Shorthair is the pedigreed version of the traditional British domestic cat, with a distinctively stocky body, dense coat, and broad face.

What is the origin of the word Moggy?

Origin Of Word Moggy — 4 Comments The name ‘MOGGIE / MOGGY derives from the word ‘MARGAY’. A small central and southern American cat that is somewhat similar in appearance to an Ocelot. A moggie is a mouse, once looked up “moggie” in a dictionary 50 years ago, it said a small furry animal, Modern books say its a cat.

Why is my cat called a ” Moggie “?

This is my cat Pebble. Why are cats called moggies? Moggy or moggie is an old British affectionate term for a domestic cat, but is also used as alternative name for a mongrel or mixed-breed cat whose ancestry and pedigree are unknown or only partially known.

Where did the word Moggy catcher come from?

Also in Lancashire and Cumbria UK the word Moggy used to mean a mouse and the cat was called a Moggy catcher. Eventually the ‘catcher’ was dropped and so both cat and mouse were called Moggies. It was thought to be derived from the classic M markings on a tabbies head! (Most cats have tabby markings as kittens).

Where did the term Mog and Tike come from?

It appears to have begun in London where there were lots of scruffy community cats. Their poor condition was comparable to a dishevelled old woman. In between the world wars in Britain the word moggy was abbreviated to “mog”. In the 1920s and 1930s schoolboy slang referred to dogs and cats as “tikes and mogs”.

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