Is Mixcloud good for podcasts?

Is Mixcloud good for podcasts?

Mixcloud operates a fair and legal streaming service in support of artists. We accept almost all types of audio content over 15 minutes in length, including: talk and music radio shows; DJ sets and podcasts. The exception being full albums, which we are unable to host on Mixcloud.

Can you buy Mixcloud plays?

If you don’t want to deal with all the hard work and waste time, you can buy Mixcloud plays.

What’s the difference between SoundCloud and Mixcloud?

Soundcloud and Mixcloud are the two giants of the music hosting industry for DJ’s, producers and indie musicians. Although Spotify eclipses both sites in terms of users, that site serves a different purpose. SoundCloud serves indie musicians, DJs, podcasters, radio shows and music producers.

Do you need a subscription to stream on Mixcloud?

Mixcloud Live is the only legal and licensed streaming platform for creators to upload and live stream their shows. What do I need to broadcast live through Mixcloud? You’ll need the following: a subscription to Mixcloud Pro. Find out more about this subscription here streaming software.

Which is the best software to use for Mixcloud live?

We recommend Open Broadcast Software (OBS) as it’s free and easy to get set up. To download OBS Studio go here and choose the version that’s right for your device. We recommend watching a tutorial on setting up OBS Studio for Mixcloud Live here or going through the steps here.

What does it mean to unlist your stream on Mixcloud?

If you wish to stream privately, select “Unlisted stream” before confirming that you’re happy with the name and description you’ve set. If you’d rather your stream be visible in the lists on Mixcloud Live, leave this option toggled off. For more information about what ‘unlisting’ your stream means, see our article here.

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