What programs did the ARRA spend money on?

What programs did the ARRA spend money on?

Here’s what ARRA spent on education:

  • $53.6 billion for school districts and states to pay for teacher salaries and educational programs24
  • $21 billion for school facility modernization and construction25
  • $17 billion to boost Pell Grants by increasing the maximum to $5,350 in 2009 and $5,550 in 201026

What does the ARRA provide funds for?

Principles: The overall goals of the ARRA are to stimulate the economy in the short term and invest in education and other essential public services to ensure the long-term economic health of our nation. Four principles guide the distribution and use of ARRA funds: Spend funds quickly to save and create jobs.

What is an ARRA grant?

The recent ARRA legislation provides an unprecedented level of funding ($8.2 billion in extramural funding) to the NIH to help stimulate the US economy through the support and advancement of scientific research. Support new types of activities such as the NIH Challenge Grant program that meet the goals of the ARRA.

Which demand side policy added $90 billion to the use and production of clean energy?

Over $90 billion was invested through the Recovery Act to help double the country’s installed capacity of renewable energy technologies and dramatically increase the country’s clean energy manufacturing capacity.

How much money is being spent on Arra?

ARRA includes appropriations and tax law changes totaling approximately $787 billion to support government wide efforts to stimulate the economy. Over $48 billion of those funds are being invested in transportation infrastructure, including $8.4 billion for transit capital improvements made available through FTA programs.

Who are the primary recipients of ARRA funding?

Second, the reports covered employers that received ARRA funding directly and those employers’ immediate subcontractors (the so-called primary and secondary recipients of ARRA funding) but not lower-level subcontractors.

How did the ARRA Act affect the economy?

The recession ended in June 2009, four months after Congress passed the Act. 3  Economic growth immediately improved. It expanded 1.7% in the third quarter of 2009 after shrinking 6.7% in Q1 2009. 35  In the first 18 months after ARRA passed, the economy added 2.4 million private sector and 1.7 million government jobs.

How many CFDA programs are funded by ARRA?

Federal agencies identified over 200 new and existing CFDA programs funded by ARRA. The 2018 Compliance Supplement Addendum provides additional guidance on programs (including clusters of programs) related to ARRA funding.

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