Where can I find the Beatles discography?

Where can I find the Beatles discography?

The Beatles’ discography was originally released on the vinylformat, with full-length long plays(LPs), shorter EPs and singles. Over the years, the collection has also been released on cassette, 8-track, compact disc(CD), on a USB flash drivein MP3and 24-bit FLACformat, and on digital media streaming services.

When did the Beatles release the US albums?

The U.S. Albums is a box set compilation comprising the remastered American albums released by the Beatles between 1964 and 1970.

How many Beatles songs are on Past Masters?

The catalogue also includes the 1988 compilation album Past Masters, which collected 25 of the Beatles’ 30 non-album singles, along with the 1964 EP Long Tall Sally and other rarities that were commercially available in the 1960s. Help! Help! ” Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! ” Help! ” Help! ” Help! Help! (B-side of ” Help! “) Help! Help!

Who are the artists that the Beatles covered?

Artists the band covered while together included Chuck Berry (” Roll Over Beethoven “, ” Rock and Roll Music “), Carl Perkins (” Matchbox “, ” Honey Don’t “), Larry Williams (” Slow Down “, ” Dizzy, Miss Lizzy “) and Little Richard (” Long Tall Sally “).

Are there any remastered recordings of the Beatles?

The Beatles (The Original Studio Recordings) – also known as The Beatles: Stereo Box – is a box set compilation comprising all remastered recordings by British rock group the Beatles.

Where did meet the Beatles LPs come from?

Sleeves are imported from USA and rear sleeve paste-over slick shows the Canadian Capitol LPs T-6054 and T-6063 which replace Meet The Beatles And The Second Album.

Are there any sealed copies of meet the Beatles?

Sealed early pressings of Meet the Beatles are quite rare, as they were sold at the height of Beatlemania and nearly all of them were sold to buyers who immediately opened them and played them. This is the nicest copy of this album we’ve ever seen, and it’s certain to be your final upgrade.

When did the Beatles release the White Album?

From 1968, in both the UK and the US, starting with the single “Hey Jude” and the album The Beatles(better known as “the White Album”), new releases appeared on the Beatles’ own Applerecord label. Parlophoneand Capitol catalogue numbers continued to be used for contractual reasons.

How many Beatles albums were released in mono?

The Beatles had involved themselves in creating only the mono mixes for the first four albums; the stereo mixes were prepared without their supervision. However, because by the late 1960s stereo record players became more common, their final two albums – Abbey Road and Let It Be – were mixed and released in stereo only.

When does the Beatles next album Come Out?

1 Released: 18 December 2020 2 Label: UMG Recordings 3 Digital release only

When did the Beatles Decca tape come out?

The 1979 release seems to have come from a tape gifted to a third party in the 1960s by Brian Epstein and is legally grey. The Beatles have owned the tape since the 1980s and took legal action confirming that they owned the copyright.

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