How can you tell if tanzanite is good quality?

How can you tell if tanzanite is good quality?

The best quality tanzanite is “clean” and free of visible inclusions of any kind that can be viewed only by a jewelers loupe. Buyer’s note: A large, clean rough Tanzanite is becoming extremely rare, so larger fine gems are rapidly rising in price and decreasing in availability.

What is the best grade of tanzanite?

The optimum range for Tanzanite is 4—6 where the stone is neither too light or too dark. The very finest stones lie in the 6 range. Saturation is arguably the most important component in the GIA color grading system.

Is tanzanite jewelry a good investment?

The changes taking place in Tanzania makes tanzanite a very good investment stone. Other factors affecting value include the depth of color, quality of color in daylight and in incandescent lighting, the clarity of the stone, the type of cut, quality of cut and polish, the demand and the current supply of Tanzanite.

How much is a one carat tanzanite worth?

Prices can range significantly due to quality, from less than $50 per carat to upwards of $800 per carat. See our article on Tanzanite Prices to see a table of actual prices per carat prevailing in the market this year.

Will tanzanite go up in value?

Unlike Diamonds and gems like Tsavorite, Tanzanite prices do not currently increase rapidly on a per carat basis at different carat brackets. Tanzanite value and hence price is very much linked to rarity – the finer the color/clarity/cutting grade the higher the price.

How can you tell a fake tanzanite?

Therefore, to check its authenticity, view the jewel in natural light and then place it under incandescent light. In natural light, real tanzanites usually showcase a blue hue with a tinge of purple. Under incandescent light, however, the gem will appear more purple and may even display some red or pink flashes.

How much is a 10 carat tanzanite worth?


CARAT WEIGHT Investment Grade Finest 1% Mined AA Grade
0.00 – 1.99 carats $600 – $700 $300
2.00 – 2.99 carats $750 – $1350 $325
3.00 to 9.99 carats $780 – $1380 $350
10 carats plus $800 – $1500 $400

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