How old is Aira in Pretty Rhythm?

How old is Aira in Pretty Rhythm?

Aira Harune
Age (Dear My Future) 17, 18
Height (Aurora Dream) 165 cm
Height (Dear My Future) 170 cm
Birthday September 3,1997

How many characters are in Enstars?

But with over 40 characters to remember, it’s reasonable to assume that a newcomer to the series might get overwhelmed!

How many seasons of pretty rhythm are there?

Just like every year since the anime started, they announced the new season at the end of January. It’ll start the 5th of April. This means just like the previous seasons, Rainbow Live is 51 episodes. The new season is titled “Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection” and is a crossover between the three first seasons.

When was Aikatsu created?

8 October 2012
Aikatsu!/First episode date

Aikatsu! or Aikatsu! An anime television adaptation by Sunrise, Telecom Animation Film (and later by Sunrise’s subsidiary Bandai Namco Pictures) began airing on TV Tokyo from October 8, 2012 (Tokyo MX is rebroadcasting the anime in 2019). Two films were released in December 2014 and August 2015 respectively.

When does Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream Come Out?

Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream is an anime television series produced by Tatsunoko Production based on the Japanese arcade game of the same name by Takara Tomy. The series is centered on Aira Harune, a Prism Star who performs Prism Shows. The series aired in Japan on TV Tokyo from April 2, 2011 to March 31, 2012.

How old is Aira in Pretty Rhythm Dear my Future?

[1] Aira in “Aurora Dream” at 14 years old.===Klutz to Grace=== Aira started as an extremely clumsy, normal girl. in the beginning of the series. She loved fashion design, especially adoring the clothes at the Prism Store.

Who is the main character in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream?

Aira Harune is the main protagonist of the television anime, Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream. She has a super knack for fashion, but didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life and didn’t have a dream until she encountered Prism Shows.

Who is Harune Aira in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream?

Aira is a typical girl, who loves fashion, shopping and cute things. She’s also really clumsy and often stumbles. At first she had a bad sense of balance but after the ramen-lesson, in episode 3, it got better. She seems to be more interested in fashion than anything even love.

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