Is Howell a nice place to live?

Is Howell a nice place to live?

Howell Township is a suburb of New York City with a population of 51,959. Howell Township is in Monmouth County and is one of the best places to live in New Jersey. Many young professionals live in Howell Township and residents tend to lean conservative. The public schools in Howell Township are highly rated.

Is Howell NJ diverse?

The racial makeup of the township was 89.99% White, 3.56% African American, 0.12% Native American, 3.58% Asian, 0.01% Pacific Islander, 1.29% from other races, and 1.45% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 5.34% of the population.

Is it safe to live in Howell NJ?

Howell Township is very safe, making it an ideal living area for couples with families or looking to raise kids. The schooling is pretty good. Howell itself leans more right in terms of politics but nothing extreme.

What is the median income in Howell NJ?


Income & Poverty
Median household income (in 2019 dollars), 2015-2019 $105,082
Per capita income in past 12 months (in 2019 dollars), 2015-2019 $42,944
Persons in poverty, percent  4.9%

How many sq miles is Howell NJ?

158.5 km²
Howell Township/Area
Population/Land Howell Township has the largest area of any township in Monmouth County. Its’ 62.10 square miles contains a population of approximately 50,000 residents.

What county is Brick NJ in?

Ocean County
Brick Township/Counties

What is the crime rate in Howell NJ?

Howell Annual Crimes

Violent Total
Number of Crimes 25 313
Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents) 0.63 7.86

What is the population of Jackson NJ?


Population, Census, April 1, 2020 58,544
Population, Census, April 1, 2010 54,856
Age and Sex
Persons under 5 years, percent  6.5%

What county is Howell in New Jersey?

Monmouth County
Howell Township/Counties

Is Howell NJ considered central Jersey?

Central Jersey is a central region of the U.S. state of New Jersey. The designation of Central New Jersey with a distinct toponym is a colloquial one rather than an administrative one….Population.

Municipality Howell Township
County Monmouth
Population in 2017 52,476
Population in 2010 51,075
Municipal Type Township

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