Is Magura German?

Is Magura German?

KG, known as Magura, is a German company based in Bad Urach established in 1893 that produces and distributes engineered cycling products and service including cycle suspensions and brakes, sunglasses, helmets, packs, bags, and clothing.

Can Magura use Shimano mineral oil?

Magura: No, no other fluids can be used, even mineral oils, as they may damage the seals due to different chemical properties, letting the seals shrink or expand. Shimano: Absolutely not, mineral oil is an unfortunate term to use because it is so vague and generic.

What fluid do Magura brakes use?

mineral oil
All MAGURA brakes use low viscosity mineral oil (Royal Blood) as hydraulic medium. Contrary to DOT brake liquid it does not irritate human skin nor damage the paint off your frame. Biggest asset: It does not absorb water and actually lubricates the whole system.

What is Magura famous for?

Famous Educational institutions: Magura district has a primary teacher’s training institute, 1 technical institute, 1 nursing institute, 15 colleges and many other educational institutions. Magura Town: Magura became a district town in 1984. The area of the town is 22.95 sq km with a population of 85216.

Where are Magura brakes from?

Brand Ambassador Jasper Jauch shows you how the MAGURA MT disc brakes are made – right from the high-tech assembly plant not far from the headquarters in Bad Urach on the Swabian Alb.

Which is the best Magura brake?


Brake Price* Average Breaking Torque
Magura MT5 € 111 90.1 Nm
Magura MT7 € 219 99.3 Nm
Magura MT Trail Carbon € 579 (set) 101.2/89.2 Nm
Magura MT Trail Sport € 219 (set) 85.1/68.1 Nm

Where are Magura brakes made?

Magura – Made in Germany In Bad Urach, close to Stuttgart in southern Germany, the MT6, 7, 8 and the HS-series are manufactured. Everything from the injection moulded parts to the final brake assembly is truly “Made in Germany.” Magura is more than just a brake manufacturer.

Can I mix different brands of mineral oil?

Mixing synthetic oils with mineral oils is not recommended because doing so dilutes or suppresses the superior properties of synthetic oils. Some types of synthetic oils have different structures to mineral oils, leading to compatibility problems.

Can you use normal mineral oil in Magura brakes?

This is down to the fact that Magura brakes use mineral oil brake fluid as opposed to DOT fluid. These two fluids are not compatible. Using the wrong fluid will damage your brake’s internal seals and may result in brake failure or premature wear.

Can you use Magura Royal Blood on Shimano brakes?

Shimano brakes use mineral oil as do Magura brakes, so there’s no fundamental incompatibility and you can use the same bleed kit providing the fittings work.

What kind of disc brake does a Magura MT5 use?

With the new MT5, Magura has adapted motorcycle racing’s proven 4-piston technology to create an absolute maximum of braking force for use on bicycles. No matter how difficult the trail terrain, Magura’s 4-piston technology and novel new ergonomics in the brake lever give you a performance package that will fill you with confidence.

What are the features of a Magura mountain bike?

The revised catalogue gives a full overview of the complete motorcycle product range of MAGURA Controls. On over 60 pages MAGURA presents technically first-class motorcycle technology. Brakes are critical components on many mountain bikes and E-MTBs – and more system weight, higher speeds and longer descents push them to their limits.

How to customize brakes on a Magura bike?

The MAGURA #customizeyourbrake options enable you to individualize your brakes. No more compromises! > Go to our #customizeyourbrake page! Improves Suitability for Touring.

Can you run MT7 pads on a Magura MT5?

The MT5s can also run the MT7 pads too! 6. Modulation is excellent BUT if you really like the feel of Sram or Shimano levers, you will not like these. These brakes eat through pads after a few months of riding. Was this review helpful? Yes ( 1) No ( 0) Was this review helpful? Yes ( 1) No ( 0) Much better than 2 piston XT brakes.

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