What is Debian Wheezy?

What is Debian Wheezy?

Wheezy is the development codename for Debian 7.0. Wheezy received Long-Term-Support until 2018-05-31. Now it is archived, and no longer receives official security updates. It was superseded by Debian/Jessie on 2015-04-25.

How can I get Debian 9?

Download Debian 9 DVD from here, put the OS burned DVD into the DVD-ROM drive, change the boot sequence of your system so that it boots from DVD-ROM drive. After booting DVD, choose “Graphic Install” to begin the Debian Installation in graphical mode. Select a language you like to use during the installation of Debian.

Where can I find a MIPS machine for Debian?

Two machines are made available to Debian developers for MIPS porting work: etler.debian.org (mipsel/mips64el) and minkus.debian.org (mips). The machines have development chroot environments which you can access with schroot. Please see the machine databasefor more information about these machines.

Can a MIPS emulate an IDE hard disk?

In case of MIPS or MIPSEL, it can emulate a platform with an IDE controller, and IDE hard disk, an Ethernet card and a serial port. It still lacks a graphic card and screen support, so the installation is done through the emulated serial port. The Debian Etch distribution provides kernel support this emulated platform.

Is the Debian Live Install image suitable for me?

Live install images A live installimage contains a Debian system that can boot without modifying any files on the hard drive and also allows installation of Debian from the contents of the image. Is a live image suitable for me? Here are some things to consider that will help you decide.

Can a MIPS CPU run at both endiannesses?

MIPS CPUs are able to run at both endiannesses, but since that’s normally not changeable in software, we need to have both architectures. SGI machines run in big-endianmode (debian-mips) while the Loongson 3 machines run in little-endianmode (debian-mipsel).

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