Where can I take a Star Wars fan?

Where can I take a Star Wars fan?

This is the ideal bucket list for any Star Wars fan.

  • Finse, Norway – Hoth.
  • Skellig Michael, Ireland – featured in The Force Awakens & The Last Jedi.
  • Bardenas Reales National Park, Spain – Tatooine.
  • Glenmore Forest, Scotland – Endor.
  • Krafla Volcano, Iceland – Starkiller Base.
  • Mount Etna, Italy – Mustafar.

How do I join the 501st?

How to Join

  1. STEP 1: Decide on your Costume. First, you need to choose what you are going to wear!
  2. STEP 2: Join your costume Detachment.
  3. STEP 3: Join the Southern California Garrison Forums.
  4. STEP 4: Take your Approval Photos & Email them to the GML.
  5. STEP 5: Join the 501st Forums.

What is the Star Wars fandom called?

What do Star Wars fans call themselves? Fusion.

Is the 501st Legion still active?

The Legion is active on 6 continents, with local units known as “Garrisons” and “Outposts” in over 60 countries….This article’s tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia.

Founded August 1997
Members 14,100+
Key people Ingeli Hedberg, Legion Commanding Officer
Website http://www.501st.com/

Is there an official fan club for Star Wars?

Click here for related articles on Fanlore. The Official Star Wars Fan Club was for profit and not run by fans . It was the originator of the Star Wars Letters . This fan club appears to have much overlap with “Lucasfilm Fan Club.” It began a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… and it continues today!

Who is the 501st Legion in Star Wars?

The 501st Legion is a worldwide Star Wars costuming organization comprised of and operated by Star Wars fans. While it is not sponsored by Lucasfilm Ltd., it follows generally accepted ground rules for Star Wars fan groups.

Who are the families of Star Wars fans?

Meet 10 families of Star Wars fans from around the world. This unique photojournalism collaboration between Lucasfilm and British Journal of Photography will highlight 10 families of Star Wars fans from across the globe. Show More Loading… Meet the creative cosplayer who takes Star Wars costumes to a whole other galaxy.

Who are the most popular Star Wars fans?

Droid builder Christina Cato and Lucasfilm employees on their favorite Star Wars items! The composer discusses translating fan journeys to music for Lucasfilm’s new digital series. Our Star Wars Stories: Which Star Wars Character Is Most You?


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