What are the business segments of Crane Co?

What are the business segments of Crane Co?

Crane Co. operates four business segments, each of which designs and manufactures highly engineered industrial products. Our businesses are all known for proprietary and differentiated technology, quality and reliability, deep vertical expertise, and responsiveness to unique customer needs.

How big is a Kurt Hobbs crane truck?

DAF CF410 FAN Flatbed with Hiab 228 auto. space cab B-3 Hook Crane 6100 w/b 8534lg Kurt Hobbs body Weight: 26 Tonne DAF CF450 – 8×2 – Day cab – Auto gearbox – Air con – Sun visor – FASSI F485.A.2.25 Lifting 2660kg @ 14.4M – Mac’s Cheesewedge body – Hardwood flooring – Hydraulic ramps and legs – Ring for more det…

Which is the best crane truck for sale?

2020 DAF, CF370, 6 x 2 Fassi F155.2.22 Crane Mounted Rigid Flatbed Comes with a Euro 6 Engine, Rear Lift & Steer, 9,000kg Front Axles, Automatic Gearbox, Air Conditioning, Electric Windows. Fitte… See More Details Ready to Go: DAF CF410 6×2 Space Cab 26 Tonne Flatbed with HIAB 418.

What are the end markets for Crane insurance?

We serve some of the most demanding end markets, from aerospace & defense, bill validation and counterfeit detection, and oil & gas, to chemical, pharmaceutical, transportation, and many others. We believe that attracting and retaining the highest quality people is the best insurance of success.

Where can I get spare parts for a crane?

We can supply you with the spare parts that you need. As the largest industrial crane supplier in the market, we make it our business to provide parts, not only for our own equipment, but for all makes and models of hoists and cranes. Our inventory is stocked with original equipment manufacturer parts and high-quality aftermarket parts.

Are there any replacement parts for a crane toilet?

Korky designs many types of replacement parts to fit Crane toilets. Find your Crane toilet replacement parts below.

Which is the best crane to buy from Manitowoc?

The new NBT60XL has the best load chart and reach of any 60 USt crane on the market — boom truck or truck crane. Manitowoc has launched a fully refreshed website with improved navigation and searchable features that make it easy to explore the company’s comprehensive portfolio of cranes and lifting solutions.

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