What is Normandale Community College known for?

What is Normandale Community College known for?

Normandale is the largest community college in Minnesota with an enrollment of close to 15,000 students and a Continuing Education and Customized Training (CECT) division that provides our workforce with competitive skills, yet, it still maintains a small college feel in the world-class City of Bloomington.

Is Normandale Community College a good school?

Normandale being the biggest community college in Minnesota, it has a lot of pros. There are many clubs, student associations and jobs available. There are quality professors and staff who have integrity and put their all in what they do.

Is Normandale accredited?

Normandale is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Since 2007, the College has maintained its accreditation through the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP), an alternative process based on continuous quality improvement.

Is Normandale a 4 year college?

Whether you are looking to earn a 2-year career-track degree, transfer to a 4-year institution, or stay on campus to complete your bachelor’s or master’s, Normandale can help you achieve your goal. The Normandale Experience includes: Bachelor’s and master’s degrees on campus through partner institutions.

Where is Normandale Community College in Bloomington MN?

Normandale Community College is a public community college in Bloomington, Minnesota.

How many students attend Normandale state junior college?

Established in 1968 as Normandale State Junior College with an initial enrollment of 1,358 students; today Normandale annually enrolls more than 10,000 students. Normandale is a member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system.

Are there any credit courses at Normandale Community College?

Normandale offers one of the larger selections of credit and non-credit courses along with entire degree programs and certificates online. Whether you are transferring in or transferring out, advanced planning is required to ensure a smooth transfer process.

Who are the health professionals at Normandale College?

Normandale is committed to offering the best in health and healing education. Our courses are designed for health professionals as well as individuals who are interested in furthering their own knowledge in the areas of health education and integrative healing practice.

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