What is the range of the 787 10?

What is the range of the 787 10?

12,964 km
Boeing 787-10/Range

How fast does a 787 go?

Dreamliner Boeing 787 Specs Table

Variant Boeing 787 8
Vmo/Mmo Velocity/Mach Max Operating speed Mach 0.90 (593 mph, 515 knots, 954 km/h at 35,000 ft/10,700 meters)
Cruise Speed IAS/Mach Mach 0.85 (567 mph, 488 knots, 903 km/h at 35,000 ft/10,700 m)
Ceiling 43,000 Feet (13,100 Metres)

What is the range of a 787 9?

14,800 km
Boeing 787-9/Range

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What makes the 787 Dreamliner so much better?

Cleaner, more comfortable air: The 787 combines new filtration, better pressure and more humidity to help passengers feel less dryness and fatigue. Smoother Ride Technology: Sensors on the 787 sense and dampen turbulence for a more comfortable ride and less motion sickness. Large overhead bins: There’s space for your carry-on near your seat.

How does the electrical system work on a 787?

The electric system improves efficiency by extracting only the power actually needed during each phase of flight. The 787’s electrical system also is monitored automatically by the Airplane Health Management system, improving airplane availability and productivity.

Which is the largest window on a Boeing 787?

The 787 has the largest windows of any commercial jet, offering passengers seated anywhere in the airplane a commanding view of the horizon. Each bin on the 787 fits four full-size roll-aboard bags. Today’s airplanes have very clean air, thanks to the same technology used in hospital operating rooms.

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