What are the nicest dorms at Ohio State?

What are the nicest dorms at Ohio State?

Top 10 Dorms at Ohio State University

  • Archer House.
  • Bowen House.
  • Blackburn House.
  • Smith-Steeb Hall.
  • Scott House.
  • Barrett House.
  • Drackett Tower.
  • Halloran House.

What are the worst dorms at Ohio State?

Mack Hall. Though it offers super doubles, Mack has one defining characteristic that makes it one of the worst dorms on campus: no air conditioning. Though it’s located right next to Marketplace on Neil and Adriatico’s, with Ohio’s unpredictable weather, having no air is a huge downside.

What is the oldest dorm at OSU?

Orton Hall and Hayes Hall – both completed in 1893 – are the oldest buildings on campus. Hayes Hall was named after President Rutherford B. Hayes, Ohio’s governor when the state accepted the federal Morrill Act, which eventually established Ohio State as a land-grant institution.

Does Blackburn College have dorms?

Blackburn students are justifiably proud of their residence halls, in part because students have had a hand in the construction and/or maintenance of each one. Feelings of ownership and finding a real “home away from home” run deep as students quickly adopt their halls and rooms as their own. In-room internet access.

Where is the Blackburn House in Columbus OH?

Blackburn House Residence Address: 136 W. Woodruff Avenue Columbus, OH 43210 Being part of the Blackburn-Haverfield Complex, the Blackburn House is an eight story residence hall with resident rooms from the second to the eighth floor.

How big is the Blackburn House residence hall?

Blackburn House is an eight story residence hall with resident rooms on floors two through eight. The building is part of the Blackburn-Haverfield Complex has the following features:

Where are the dorms at Ohio State University?

The Ohio State University is a public university in Columbus, Ohio. Being home to a large number of students, the institution offers accommodation in 38 on-campus residence halls which divided into three geographic clusters: South, North and West Campus. Here are some of the top 10 dorms within the institution.

Where is Halloran house at Ohio State University?

Halloran House Residence Address:2115 N. High Street Columbus, OH 43210 As part of the Busch-Halloran Complex, the Halloran House is a four story residence hall with rooms on the ground, first, second and third floors.

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