Who is Tejashree Pradhan real husband?

Who is Tejashree Pradhan real husband?

Shashank Ketkarm. 2014–2015
Tejashree Pradhan/Husband
Personal life. She rose to prominence after her role in Marathi film Ti Saddhya Kay Karte. She married actor Shashank Ketkar in 2014 and they divorced in 2015.

Is Shashank Ketkar married?

Priyanka Dhavalem. 2017
Tejashree Pradhanm. 2014–2015
Shashank Ketkar/Spouse
Personal life. Shashank Ketkar was married to actress Tejashree Pradhan in 2014, but they divorced in 2015. Shashank married again in 2017 to Priyanka Dhavale who is a lawyer by profession and hails from Dombivli, a city near Mumbai.

Why did Shashank divorce ketkar?

The actor had filed for divorce in the Pune Family Court, and his divorce application reportedly states the reasons as insult from Tejashree, treating him as a junior artiste and also insulting the family. He claimed that due to such issues he lost his mental peace and decided to part ways with Tejashri Pradhan.

What is the age of Shashank ketkar?

35 years (15 September 1985)
Shashank Ketkar/Age

Is Shashank Khaitan dancer?

He started off as a dance instructor and held events across the country. He soon moved to Mumbai. Khaitan joined Whistling Woods International Institute, a film institute started and supported by veteran filmmaker Subhash Ghai, to break into the film industry.

How old is Shashank Khaitan?

39 years (28 February 1982)
Shashank Khaitan/Age

Who is Tejashree Pradhan and Shashank Ketkar married?

Television’s famous couple Tejashree Pradhan and Shashank Ketkar had a fairytale wedding a year back. Now playing Thanks For Rating Reminder Successfully Set!

Is it true that Shashank and Tejashree are headed for divorce?

Tejashree and Shashank headed for splitsville? Actors Tejashree Pradhan and Shashank Ketkar who fell in love on the sets of their popular TV show ‘ Honaar Suun Mi Hyaa Gharchi ‘, and finally tied the knot in February last year, are headed for a divorce, according to sources.

Where was the divorce case filed by Shashank Ketkar?

Case filed in Pune court — TVKiDuniya.Com Shashank Ketkar And Tejashree Pradhan Seeking Divorce. Case filed in Pune court The most loved couple of Marathi tele world Shashank Ketkar and Tejashree Pradhan aka Shree and Jhanavi have decided to separate, according to buzz.

Who are the Mothers of Shashank Ketkar in Honar Sun mi gharchi?

Actresses Suhita Thatte , Rohini Hattangadi, Leena Bhagwat, Supriya Pathare, Purnima Talwalkar and Smita Sarawade who play actor Shashank Ketkar’s mothers in the daily soap ‘Honar Sun Mi Ya Gharchi’ attended his real life wedding with his on screen wife Tejashree Pradhan.

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