Who is the second pope?

Who is the second pope?

Pope Saint Linus
Pope Linus

Pope Saint Linus
Predecessor Saint Peter
Successor Anacletus
Ordination by Paul the Apostle

What is the real name of pope Francis?

Jorge Mario Bergoglio
Pope Francis/Full name

Francis, also called Francis I, original name Jorge Mario Bergoglio, (born December 17, 1936, Buenos Aires, Argentina), the bishop of Rome and the leader of the Roman Catholic Church (2013– ). He was the first pope from the Western Hemisphere, the first from South America, and the first from the Jesuit order.

Is the cardinal under the pope?

Cardinals primarily work as counsellors to the Pope, and many are leaders of the diocese or archdiocese in their home countries. They also take up important positions in the Vatican bureaucracy, known as the Roman Curia.

How many popes have resigned?

As the reign of the pope has conventionally been from election until death, papal renunciation is an uncommon event. Before the 21st century, only five popes unambiguously resigned with historical certainty, all between the 10th and 15th centuries.

Who is the 112 Pope?

This Medieval Monk had detailed visions of 112 Popes until Doomsday, also known as The Biblical Apocalypse. According to St Malachy . Pope JP2, The “world traveler” is Pope no # 110. After his passing will come two more Popes: POPE 111 = “Olive’s Glory” and Pope 112 = “Peter The Roman”.

Who was the last pope?

Mar 2, 1876 – Oct 9, 1958. October 9, 2017, marks the 59th anniversary of the death of the last known true Pope, His Holiness Pius XII, born Eugenio Pacelli, reigned 1939-1958. To honor and remember him, we are sharing the video below of a broadcast clip shown in 1958 at the passing of the Supreme Pontiff .

What are all the popes in order?


  • Stephen II
  • Adrian I
  • Stephen IV
  • O.S.B.
  • Benedict III
  • Stephen V
  • Formosus
  • Boniface VI
  • O.S.B.
  • What is the prophecy about the Pope?

    The Prophecy of the Popes ( Latin: Prophetia Sancti Malachiae Archiepiscopi, de Summis Pontificibus) is a series of 112 short, cryptic phrases in Latin which purport to predict the Roman Catholic popes (along with a few antipopes ), beginning with Pope Celestine II .

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