What is red coral jewelry?

What is red coral jewelry?

Red Coral: A Valuable Asset Jewelry made from Mediterranean red coral ‘Corallium rubrum’. Red coral is a stunning blood-red color. For hundreds of years master jewelers have transformed the coral skeletons into strings of beads to adorn the necks of the wealthy.

Is coral jewelry real?

Coral jewelry has been found in ancient grave sites from as far back as 10,000 B.C. and was especially popular during Victorian times and in the 1920s. But there are some pretty convincing fakes out there. Plastic, bone, shell, fossil ivory, howlite and onyx are some of the materials used to make imitation coral.

Who should wear red coral?

Another benefit of Red Coral gemstone is its impact on the mental health of a person. A person who is suffering from mental depression can wear this gemstone. Red Coral gemstone imparts courage and helps in overcoming fear and nervousness in the individual.

What kind of jewelry do people wear in Croatia?

Traditional Croatian Cream White Pearl Filigree Ball Earrings, Dubrovnik Jewelry, Sterling Silver Ball Earrings, Wedding Jewelry Traditional Croatian Coral Earrings, Sterling Filigree Ball Earrings, Dubrovnik Jewelry, Mediterranean Coral Jewelry, Handmade Ethno

Where can I get red coral for jewelry?

Adriatic red coral owes its exceptional hardness and unique qualities to the rocky seabed, high salt content and strong currents. Corals used for our jewelry are harvested from the Adriatic Sea, protected and regulated by the Ministry of Fishing of the Republic of Croatia.

How much do earrings cost in Dubrovnik Croatia?

Dainty Traditional Croatian Earrings, Small Turquoise Earrings, Dubrovnik Filigree Ball Earrings, 925 Silver Dangle Hook Gemstone Earrings Regular price$28.20$28.20 Dainty Traditional Croatian Earrings, Mediterranean Red Coral Earrings, Dubrovnik Filigree Ball Earrings, 925 Silver Dangle Hook Earrings Regular price$28.20$28.20

Why do Yoruba people wear red coral jewellery?

Amongst the Yoruba and Bini peoples of West Africa, red precious coral jewellery (necklaces, wristlets and anklets most especially) are signifiers of high social rank, and are worn as a result by titled kings and chieftains.

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