Who are the members of the band Idris Muhammad?

Who are the members of the band Idris Muhammad?

Idris Muhammad. Idris Muhammad (Arabic: إدريس محمد‎; born Leo Morris; November 13, 1939 – July 29, 2014) was an American jazz drummer who recorded with Ahmad Jamal, Lou Donaldson, Pharoah Sanders, and Tete Montoliu.

When did Idris Muhammad of the Champs die?

During the ’80s and ’90s he worked as a touring sideman with John Hicks, Sanders, Nathan Davis, and Washington, Jr. His final leader date was for 2004’s The Champs on Sunnyside, co-billed with organist Joey DeFrancesco and guitarist Ximo Tebar. He died in 2014. Muhammad was born Leo Morris in New Orleans’ 13th Ward.

Who is Muhammad Idris ibn Muhammad Isma’il Siddiqi?

Muḥammad Idrīs ibn Muḥammad Ismā‘īl Ṣiddīqī Kāndhlawī ( Urdu: محمد ادریس بن محمد اسماعیل صدیقی کاندھلوی ‎‎; 20 August 1899 – 28 July 1974) was a Deobandi Islamic scholar particularly known as a scholar of hadith and tafsir (exegesis of the Qur’an).

Who are the siblings of Idris Muhammad?

Muhammad was born Leo Morris in New Orleans’ 13th Ward. His four siblings were also drummers.

How old was Idris Muhammad when he died?

He toured with Sam Cooke, and later worked with Jerry Butler and Curtis Mayfield, mostly working in R&B until the mid-1960s. Muhammad was an endorser of Istanbul Agop Cymbals. He died of kidney failure, aged 74, in 2014. He changed his name to Idris Muhammad in the 1960s upon his conversion to Islam.

When did Idris Muhammad get married to LaLa Brooks?

In 1966, he married Dolores “LaLa” Brooks, a former member of the Crystals. She converted to Islam with him and went for a time by the name Sakinah Muhammad.

How many children did Idris Muhammad have with Gracie Lee Edwards?

Together, they had two sons and two daughters, and he had one daughter from a previous marriage to Gracie Lee Edwards. Idris Muhammad is probably best known for his 1974 album Power of Soul, including the track “Loran’s Dance”, which received considerable airplay on jazz radio stations. 1970: Black Rhythm Revolution! ( Prestige) Solid!

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