Who is Smokey Robinson ex wife?

Who is Smokey Robinson ex wife?

Claudette Rogers Robinson1959 – 1986
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Who has Smokey Robinson been married to?

Frances Glandneym. 2002
Claudette Rogers Robinsonm. 1959–1986
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Is Smokey Robinson still married to his first wife?

Smokey is currently married to Frances Robinson, née Gladney. They got married in May 2002. He was previously married to his fellow Miracles member Claudette Rogers in 1959.

Who replaced Smokey Robinson in the Miracles?

Billy Griffin
QUESTION: What Baltimore-born singer-songwriter replaced Smokey Robinson as lead singer of The Miracles in 1972? ANSWER: Billy Griffin, who was born and raised in West Baltimore. He attended Garrison Junior High School and Forest Park High School.

What is Smokey Robinson famous for?

A prolific songwriter, he is credited with 4,000 songs and 37 Top 40 hits, including “Tears of a Clown,” “Tracks of My Tears” and “Love Machine.” Robinson also served as vice president of Motown Records, writing and producing hits for groups such as The Temptations (“My Girl”) and Mary Wells (“My Guy”).

How old was Claudette Rogers Robinson at birth?

Claudette Annette Rogers Robinson (born June 20, 1942) is an American singer-songwriter.

What is the name of Claudette Rogers Robinson’s Book?

Several years ago, Claudette began writing her autobiography, A Miraculous Life, a book of her memoirs, and of her life with the Miracles. Robinson is a board member of the national Rhythm & Blues Foundation and the HAL Awards.

How long was Smokey Robinson married to Claudette?

Smokey worked as an in-house producer and songwriter, while also singing lead alongside Claudette in their 5-member group, The Miracles. The two were married for 27 years and although they had some great times together, they also went through some very trying times during their marriage.

Why was Claudette Rogers Robinson called First Lady of Motown?

Motown founder Berry Gordy gave Claudette the official title of the “First Lady of Motown”, as noted in his autobiography, because, as a member of the Miracles, Motown’s first group and first recording act, she was the first female artist ever signed to a Motown-affiliated record label (Tamla).

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