Is singer George Jones still alive?

Is singer George Jones still alive?

Deceased (1931–2013)
George Jones/Living or Deceased

How old was George Jones Country singer when he died?

George Jones, the definitive country singer of the last half-century, whose songs about heartbreak and hard drinking echoed his own turbulent life, died on Friday in Nashville. He was 81.

What was George Jones net worth when he died?

George Jones Net Worth – $35 million He started playing the guitar at the age of 9, and during his life and career, Jones had more than 150 hits to his name, both as a solo artist, as well as those that were duets with other country music artists. When he died, he had a net worth of $35 million.

What was George Jones nickname?

No Show Jones
No-Show JonesPossumThe Possum
George Jones/Nicknames

Jones earned the nickname “The Possum” early in his career thanks to his apparent likeness to the furry marsupial (hopefully not when they’re hissing). When the native Texan eventually moved to Nashville, he had a desire to establish his own club.

Why do they call George Jones No Show Jones?

‘No Show Jones’ was a nickname that also stuck with George for many years, due to his failure to show up to many of his concerts. The country icon has admitted that drugs became a bad habit that he let overshadow his career.

Is George Jones still living?

Country music legend George Jones has died at the age of 81. Jones died on Friday after he was hospitalized in Nashville, Tenn., with a fever and irregular blood pressure, according to TMZ . A cause of death has not been identified.

What caused George Jones death?

Now, the iconic entertainer’s cause of death has been revealed. Medical Daily reports that Jones died of hypoxic respiratory failure, a condition that occurs when there is too little oxygen present for the body to carry out its basic functions.

What year did George Jones die?

George Jones died on April 26, 2013, at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, where the 81-year-old had reportedly been hospitalized with irregular blood pressure and a fever just a week earlier.

When did George Jones die?

Grammy-winning singer George Jones was admitted to the hospital for fever and irregular blood pressure and died on Friday, April 26 2013.

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