What stud pattern is a Vectra?

What stud pattern is a Vectra?

Opel / Vauxhall – Vectra C (2002 – 2008)

PCD: 5×110
Center bore: 65.1
Offset: 35
Mounting: Bolt – 12 x 1,50
Wheel torque steel: 110 Nm / 81 ft-lb

What is the bolt pattern for a 1996 Geo Prizm?

Action Crash Wheel – for 1996 Geo Prizm

Vehicle Notes
1996 Geo Prizm STEEL WHEEL; 14 x 5.5; 6 SLOT; 4 STUD/LUG; 100MM BOLT PATTERN; BLACK

What cars use 5×110?

The 5×110 bolt pattern is commonly used by Chevy Cobalt, Malibu, Chrysler 200, Jeep Cherokee, and Pontiac G6.

What is the bolt pattern on a 1995 Geo Prizm?

This Factory OEM Geo rim comes equipped on a 1995 Geo Prizm. This is a steel wheel with a diameter of 14″ and a width of 5.5″. This Geo Prizm wheel has 4 lug holes and a bolt pattern of 100mm.

What kind of alloy wheel does a Vauxhall Vectra use?

Calibra/Vectra 5 Sd 92 to 02 5×110 35 to 45 56.1 Corsa 00> 4×100 38 to 45 56.6 Corsa 1.7 Cdti 03> 5×110 38 to 45 65.1 Corsa Van/Combo

Which is the fitment pattern for Vauxhall Adam?

Vauxhall Wheel Fitment, Vauxhall PCD Pattern Select your Vauxhall model from the list below, to show the bolt patten or PCD pattern for your Vauxhall. Our comprehensive Vauxhall Wheel Fitment guide will show you information on fitments required for your Vauxhall, our guide is updated daily. Model, Year Vauxhall Adam 2013 on

What kind of rear suspension does an Opel Vectra have?

On the four wheel drive GSi, 4×4 and Turbo models, the rear suspension is a subframe mounted fully independent design, with semi trailing arms, double conical coil springs, direct acting gas assisted telescopic shock absorbers, and an anti roll bar.

What kind of engine does a 1989 Vectra have?

The 1989 Vectra came in Base, LS, GL, GLS, CD, and GT models, its sister model was the third generation Cavalier . Engines ranged initially from a 75 PS (55 kW) 1.4 L to a 130 PS (96 kW) 2.0 L Family II.

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