How old is Nicolas tagliafico?

How old is Nicolas tagliafico?

29 years (August 31, 1992)
Nicolás Tagliafico/Age

How tall is tagliafico?

1.72 m
Nicolás Tagliafico/Height

What position does tagliafico?

Nicolás Tagliafico/Position

Which country is tagliafico from?

Nicolás Tagliafico/Nationality

How good is tagliafico?

He has great pace, great agility, balance, reactions, composure and good defending stats. His physicals are to a good standard but they do get boosted a lot with the anchor chemistry style (the +10 on strength is really important).

Who does tagliafico play for?

AFC Ajax#31 / Defender
Argentina national football team#3 / Defender
Nicolás Tagliafico/Current teams

What number is tagliafico?

31AFC Ajax / Defender
3Argentina national football team / Defender
Nicolás Tagliafico/Number

What kit number is Nathan Ake?

Nathan Aké

Season club
19/20 AFC Bournemouth 5
18/19 AFC Bournemouth 5
17/18 AFC Bournemouth 5
16/17 Chelsea FC 6

What shirt number will Ferran Torres wear?

11Spain national football team / Forward
21Manchester City F.C. / Forward
Ferran Torres/Number

What number is Phil Foden?

20England national football team / Midfielder
47Manchester City F.C. / Midfielder
Phil Foden/Number

What shirt number is Marcus Rashford?

10Manchester United F.C. / Forward
11England national football team / Forward
Marcus Rashford/Number
Jack Grealish will take the No 7 shirt, which suggests the Aston Villa playmaker could have a key part to play this summer, while experienced forwards Raheem Sterling and Marcus Rashford take the No 10 and 11 shirts respectively.

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