Who are the two guys in Rhett and link?

Who are the two guys in Rhett and link?

We are Rhett & Link, two guys who are only getting older, trying our best to maintain our childhood friendship via filming each other on various adventures.

What’s the truth about all of link’s girlfriends?

The truth is rarely ever simple, though, and Link might be more lucky than good when it comes to relationships. All of Link’s girlfriends in The Legend of Zelda are royalty, powerful entrepreneurs, or heroes in their own right, and Link is actually a pretty terrible and oblivious romantic interest.

Who is the woman link is linked to?

If there is one woman who is inextricably, uh, linked to Link, it’s the Hyrulean princess herself. The thing is, though, Zelda is very capable.

Who is link’s girlfriend that falls for him?

Paya falls for Link during her continued interactions with him, and she lays it on way, way thicker than most of his other girlfriends, even the ones who try and force him into marriage.

Where can I find Link and Rhett McLaughlin?

Both Link and Rhett have appeared on the Youtube channel Smosh Pit on episode 22 of the channel’s series “Try Not To Laugh” (Try Not To Laugh #22 w/ Rhett & Link) Epic Rap Battles of History “Mario Bros vs. Wright Bros” with Link as the Wright Bros

When did Rhett and link the tragedy take place?

However, they shot only a few scenes and the film was left unfinished. In 1999, Rhett wrote “The Tragedy,” which recorded in detail the events surrounding a snowboarding accident that left Link with a broken pelvis and, more notably, a month’s worth of memory loss [4] .

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