Does a strut tower brace really work?

Does a strut tower brace really work?

But remember, standard strut braces help in tension and compression, not bending, so while there is movement, a strut brace really didn’t help much in the cars where we saw damage. If our test car were older, in worse shape, or if it had any broken spot welds in the strut tower, then a strut brace would help.

What does a flexible strut tower brace do?

A strut tower brace or a strut bar keeps the chassis from flexing when cornering and connects to the top part of the strut towers. The two front strut towers located under the hood are connected by these bars and helps reduce chassis flex and withstands any limitations of the suspension.

What is tower bracing?

A strut bar, strut brace, or strut tower brace (STB) is an automotive suspension accessory on a monocoque or unibody chassis to provide extra stiffness between the strut towers. This transmits the load off each strut tower during cornering which ties the two towers together and reduces chassis flex.

How do you install a strut tower brace?


  1. Open the front hood to access the upper strut towers on the engine bay side.
  2. Inspect the upper strut mounts to determine if and where the nuts or bolts for the upper struts are located.
  3. Remove the nuts that hold the upper strut to the body.
  4. Place the strut mount over the studs that the nuts were bolted to.

Are front strut bars worth it?

Let’s face it, many enthusiasts install a strut bar because it makes their engine bay look great — and that’s okay. As long as the mod has some function and doesn’t take anything away from your driving experience, it is worth installing. Tastefully painted or anodized strut bars look fantastic!

Do strut bars reduce body roll?

Overall, strut bar provide great stability, reduce body roll and give better gripping to the vehicle ONLY during hard cornering.

How much is a strut bar?

Strut braces range from under $100, all the way to three digits.

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