What are examples of heterogeneous catalyst?

What are examples of heterogeneous catalyst?

Heterogeneous catalysis typically involves solid phase catalysts and gas phase reactants….Industrial examples.

Process Ethylene oxide synthesis
Reactants, Product/s (not balanced) C2H4 + O2, C2H4O
Catalyst silver on alumina, with many promoters
Comment Poorly applicable to other alkenes

What is the catalyst of biodiesel?

The most notable catalyst used in producing biodiesel is the homogeneous alkaline catalyst such as NaOH, KOH, CH3ONa and CH3OK. The choice of these catalysts is due to their higher kinetic reaction rates.

What are the most common types of heterogeneous catalysts?

In homogeneous catalysis, the catalyst exists in the same phase as the reactants. In heterogeneous catalysis, the catalyst exists in a phase different from that of the reactants. The most common type of heterogeneous catalyst is a solid catalyst.

Which catalyst is used in transesterification?

The sulphonic-acid–modified mesostructured catalyst is used in the transesterification reaction, achieving a conversion as high as 100%. However, the high concentration of methanol has been found to be detrimental to the catalytic activity [99].

What are the different types of bifunctional catalysts?

Bifunctional catalysts possess two varieties of catalytic sites and are able to catalyze two different types of reactions.

How are bifunctional catalysts used for hydrocarbon hydrogenation?

Bifunctional catalysts are also made up for hydrocarbon hydrogenation. Clinoptilolite [237, 238] exchanged with Ni 2+ and then thermally reduced was used for the hydrogenation of ethylbencene [ 238] and 1-hexene [ 253 ]. A natural erionite ore exchanged with NH 4+ and Ni 2+ and calcined was tested for the hydrocracking of n -paraffin.

Why are zeolites used as a bifunctional catalyst?

Zeolites that have much stronger acidic strength than γ- Al 2 O 3 can greatly enhance the activity and selectivity of the catalyst. Also, the Cu-Zn components of the conventional methanol synthesis catalysts were modified with transition metal promoters, so that the initial reaction temperature can be effectively lowered.

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